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District Line Daily: Sin City

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The District's "sin taxes" on alcohol and cigarettes brought in $42 million last year, up $1.8 [...]

Office Space Joke Gets GWU Student a Visit from Police

Office Space jokes: They're dated, but are they also threatening? Referencing the 1999 comedy earned one George Washington University a visit from campus police earlier this week, as well a request to sign a statement saying that he wouldn't burn down university buildings.
The trouble for freshman Ryan W. Moorman started on Wednesday, according to the [...]

District Line Daily: Spa Overload

A morning roundup of news, opinion, and links from Washington City Paper and around the District. Send tips and ideas to
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In this week's Washington City Paper, available now wherever fine alternative weeklies are given away: Sadie [...]

Dating App Tinder Burning Up D.C. College Students

He is in your ZIP code and thinks you’re hot—what else do you need? It’s not the most serious dating criteria, but then again, Tinder is not the most serious dating app.
Tinder allows users to find matches based solely on geographic proximity and appearance. It's not the first for straight-people clone of gay hook-up app [...]

George Washington University Booted From College Rankings

Don't screw around with U.S. News & World Report! That's the message today from the popular college ranking service, which has decided to drop George Washington University from its list this year after the university admitted last week it had inflated the number of freshmen who ranked at the top of their high [...]

D.C. College Students Near the Top in Torrenting

Illicit torrent downloads: intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, really fun. Or so I'm told! Apparently, students at Georgetown and George Washington University feel the same way. Both schools are in the top 50 U.S. schools for use of BitTorrent in 2012, according to an analysis from TorrentFreak.
George Washington students [...]

George Washington University’s “Gangnam Style” Parody: Surprisingly Creepy

Against all odds, George Washington University students have managed to create a "Gangnam Style" parody that doesn't irritate. The stars here are the university's hippo and mascot George Washington, who plays the role of "Gangnam Style" mastermind Psy.
Washington's the real standout here, despite (or because of?) an uncomfortably emotionless performance. Whether he's dodging trash or standing [...]

GW Unveils Cyborg George Washington Logo

Who told George Washington about Photobooth filters? At right is George Washington University's new logo, unveiled yesterday at an event that featured food trucks and a screening of The Avengers (and took place two days after the logo leaked online). Despite all that, The GW Hatchet reports that students aren't thrilled:
At about 8 p.m., three [...]

Report: Russian Spy Ring Targeted GWU Sophomore

George Washington University students: They're not just about bad basketball and fake IDs anymore. They're also spies, who may know sexy other spies!
Or so says the Wall Street Journal. That busted Russian spy ring is back in the news, two years after it gained notoriety for operative Anna Chapman—who, the Journal demurely writes, "garnered the most [...]

NOROVIRUS WATCH 2012: Which School Will Get Hit Next?

Last week, George Washington University released a statement to students, faculty and staff saying that norovirus was to blame for 85 cases of illness in students across the campus. Since then, universities around D.C. have been working to prevent the spread of norovirus by releasing statements urging students to wash their hands.
This week, Howard University [...]

The Needle: Defecation Edition

Public Transit Turned Public Restroom: The Metro is good for a lot of things—getting around town, mysteriously stopping underground for a while, finding new and exciting ways to be annoyed by tourists. And now, apparently, also defecation. A rider found a pile of human shit on a pedestrian bridge between the Metro and VRE stations [...]

Today in D.C. History: Small’s Big Washingtoniana Collection Goes to GWU

Feb. 28, 2011, only about 13 hours old, is already becoming a momentous day in D.C. history. Not because of any particular moment that happened this morning, but because of a major announcement affecting the preservation of D.C. history. As The Washington Post reports, real estate developer Albert Small has given his collection of Washingtoniana [...]

Today in D.C. History: Charter Signed for GWU’s Predecessor School

On Feb. 9, 1821, President James Monroe approved a congressional charter for Columbian College in the District of Columbia, today now known as George Washington University. The college, today located in Foggy Bottom, was originally situated adjacent to today's Florida Avenue near 14th Street NW. Several Baptist ministers, notably Luther Rice, Obadiah B. Brown, Spencer [...]

The Needle: Brother, Can You Spare $600 Million Edition

D.C. Busted: For months, budget experts and politicians have been warning of how bad the District's fiscal situation is, and how much would have to be cut from expenditures (or raised in new taxes) to fill a $450 million gap in this year's balance sheet. Now it turns out the real shortfall is $600 million [...]

The Needle: Search This Edition

Don't Touch My Bag: Turns out searching bags on Metro is even less popular than raising fares. Last night, the Metro Riders' Advisory Council voted overwhelmingly to ask the transit agency to stop the new policy, which looks more and more like an irritating, expensive, and pointless exercise. But since that's never stopped Metro from [...]