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Lawsuit Filed as WTU Election Fiasco Gets Personal

Who, exactly, is in charge of Washington Teachers’ Union?
Current president George Parker’s term ended Thursday—at least as far as the union’s constitution is concerned. On July 1, new officers were supposed to take office. But the elections that would have determined who started a new three-year term then were never held—and now WTU’s leadership is [...]

D.C. Teachers ‘Livid’ About Union Election Debacle

The end is near for George Parker’s term as Washington Teachers’ Union President – but he doesn’t seem to think so. The WTU Elections Committee has accused Parker of withholding documents that would allow the committee to conduct new elections. These documents include nominating petitions, union membership lists, and union dues reports. Under the WTU’s [...]

Parker to Teachers: Layoffs and Raises Are ‘Distinct Issues’

Washington Teachers' Union President George Parker is urging union members to treat last year's teacher layoff and a breakthrough contract proposal as "distinct issues" after the budgeting revelations earlier this month.
In a letter being sent to WTU members, Parker writes that while he was "surprised and angered" by Chancellor Michelle Rhee's recent claim of a [...]

DCPS Surplus Revelation Threatens to Blow Up Teacher Contract Deal

A week after a new D.C. Public Schools teacher contract proposal was rolled out with great fanfare, fiscal revelations aired today leave its ultimate implementation very much in doubt.
Chancellor Michelle Rhee and Washington Teachers' Union head George Parker appeared at a D.C. Council administrative meeting earlier today to brief councilmembers on the agreement. [...]

DCPS Teacher Contract to Be Unveiled; Big Raises Funded By $65M in Private Money

The D.C. Public Schools and the Washington Teachers' Union are set to unveil their long-awaited contract proposal, bringing to a close negotiations that have dragged on for the duration of Chancellor Michelle Rhee's tenure.
An announcement could come as soon as tomorrow, debuting an agreement that would offer city teachers significant raises plus [...]

WTU President: Teacher Sex Misconduct Charges ‘Not Substantiated’

A top union official isn't satisfied with Michelle Rhee's explanations thus far of her controversial comments to Fast Company magazine.
Yesterday, Rhee explained that when she described "teachers...who had had sex with children," she referred to a teacher that was being investigated for sexual misconduct at the time of the layoffs. But George Parker, president of [...]

WTU to Embark on PR Offensive

The Washington Teachers' Union is airing radio ads and launching a Web site to promote their teachers contract proposal, according to press release just issued by the union.
From the release: "The first radio ad features the voices of two current DC public school teachers and highlights the need for innovative and collaborative solutions to fix [...]