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Oneida Nation Says Virginia Voters Will Reject Ed Gillespie Like They Did George Allen

Gillespie put the controversy over the team name in an attack ad during "Monday Night Football."

Blogger Hired By Washington Football Team To Defend Team Name Resigns


The liberal blogger hired by the Washington football team to defend its controversial team name didn't last a month on the job before he announced on Twitter last night that he would be resigning from the newly created post.
I don’t want to be a distraction to the team as the political attacks have shifted towards [...]

Is Dan Snyder Just Trolling Everyone?

The Dan Snyder era of Washington football has not been the most glorious, nor has it seen the wisest personnel decisions in the history of our storied local franchise. But it turns out the team owner/destroyer-in-chief of fans' playoff fantasies doesn't appear to have significantly better taste in who he hires off the field, either.
ThinkProgress has [...]

George Allen Finds It Politically Safe to Pick the Cowboys Over the Redskins?

The Allen kids have something in common: Neither of 'em pick the Redskins!
Bruce, the ostensible general manager, doesn't pick the players on the roster.
And brother George, the former and possibly future U.S. Senator and oldest of former Redskins Coach George Allen's brood, doesn't pick the Skins in his betting pool.
Over the holiday the Washington Post [...]

The Needle: The Donald Edition

All Your BlackBerries Are Belong to Us: It's bad enough that the government is going to shut down, making the U.S. look more and more like the sort of country that used to be relegated to the newsbriefs in the "world" section of newspapers (when newspapers still ran lengthy "world" sections), plagued with bizarre and [...]

Will George Allen Wear the Gold Pants on the Campaign Trail?

Bruce Allen's all-nostalgia, all-the-time mindset apparently runs in the family.
Bruce's older brother George Allen is mounting a comeback.
George, the eldest son of the deceased Redskins coach and, on a very related note, possessor of one of the most recognizable names in the region, was run out of the U.S. Capitol in 2006.
His downfall, as the [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Can Mike Shanahan Make ‘Mastermind’ a Good Word Again?

The highlight of last night's lousy BCS game was the Gatorade shower gone awry. Alabama coach Nick Saban almost went down after taking a huge hit from two surely former players who ran into him with a tub full of beverage.
Local football fans already knew how dangerous the Gatorade shower can be: That's what killed [...]

The Mystics President and Her Mock-aca Video

Sheila Johnson has jumped in some hot water that she can't swim out of.
The Washington Mystics have been rotten throughout Johnson's run as team president, having finished in the bottom half of the WNBA's Eastern Conference all five seasons under her, and not winning even a single playoff game.
But Johnson has gotten a pretty free [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Alberto Gonzales Banished to American Siberia?

The Washington Kastles lost to the Philadelphia Freedoms, the team named after an Elton John song or vice versa, in their home opener last night. The big stories were the sellout crowd that filled Empty Parking Lot Arena, or whatever the temp downtown stadium is called, and the appearance of tireless Venus Williams, who gave [...]