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Gentrification By Another Name

Though I don't have an answer to the question Elahe Izadi poses in her DCentric post about whether gentrification by non-whites should have a different name, I do think it's worth connecting with a story the Post ran today about their black women in America poll. Elahe writes:
What’s your take: what does gentrification by non-whites [...]

More On Cyclists and Their Image Problem

Yesterday Salon ran the provocatively titled post, "Are urban cyclists just elite snobs?" (Read it.) In the wake of last week's discussion about cyclists running red lights (comments are also well worth reading), it was good to see a story that hit on a lot of the issues that our commenters on both sides brought [...]

When Is A Story About Gentrification Not About Gentrification?

TBD’s Ryan Kearney complains that Adam Serwer’s recent piece for The American Prospect is a “how-to” on writing a story about gentrification. Kearney takes issue with Serwer’s description of changes that have happened in Petworth, like organic groceries and farmer’s markets, calling it “a tiring litany of gentrification signifiers.” 
To be sure, Serwer treads familiar ground, [...]

Neighborhood News Roundup: All Creatures Great and Small Edition

A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.
H Street Story: Frozen Tropics links to a piece in the most recent edition of Wilson Quarterly called "New to the Neighborhood," about gentrification and displacement on and around H Street NE (the author lives, specifically, in Rosedale.) Commenters [...]

Pay Up, Newbies!

Mayor Vince Gray’s budget proposal takes aim at D.C.’s deficit with a combination of service cuts and new taxes and fees. To critics, the cuts (which fall heavily in the social-service sector) and the revenue measures (many of which amount to regressive taxes) will mainly hit the District’s dwindling working class. Who ought to pay [...]

Is There Still Room For Seniors at the New 15th and U?

Troy Johnson has mixed feelings about his balcony. His 10th-floor perch affords him scenic views of his Northwest D.C. neighborhood. But maybe too scenic. “Look up and down U Street,” he says, “It’s a gold mine up there.”
Johnson, 75, a retired Service Employees International Union organizer, lives in the Campbell Heights [...]

Forget About Whether City Paper Staffers Are White: How Many of Us Still Consider Ourselves Gentrifiers?

In March 2006, about a month after I started working at City Paper, Staff Writer Huan Hsu wrote a characteristically awesome piece about the lily-whiteness of this newspaper's staff.
It’s not all that surprising that the Washingtonian is a really white magazine. It would seem a much bigger problem for the City Paper, which purports to [...]