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Dear Abby: Can a White Woman Wear a Chocolate City Shirt?

In the 1970s the District's population was more than 70 percent black, earning it the affectionate nickname "Chocolate City." Today, black people are narrowly not the majority anymore in the District; in confectionary terms, the saying now goes, D.C. has become more vanilla.
Of course, the demographic shift started long ago and can't all be attributed to what's now [...]

When Gentrification Rode Into Bloomingdale, Windows Cafe & Market Saddled Up

When he opened Windows Cafe & Market in Bloomingdale in 2001, Hunegnaw Abeje peddled mostly beer and chips from behind a Plexiglass window. Now, he stocks $10 organic maple syrup, and the Plexiglass is long gone.
Windows is typical of the D.C. corner stores that have upscaled in an attempt to grab hold of the new [...]

The Needle: Yeezus Edition

Yo, Kanye, I'm Really Happy for You: U Street Music Hall will play the new Kanye West album, Yeezus, on what's widely considered one of the best sound systems in town tomorrow night. New father West is, after all, the Michael Jordan of music*, so it should be worth checking out. (*: Self-declared) +1
Gentrification Everywhere: [...]

District Line Daily: Curiosity Satisfied

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You asked, and we answered. Washington City Paper's Answers Issue hits the street today, with the [...]

Gentrification Run Amok: Apartment Ads Celebrate “Urban Pioneers”

Take a look at the redeveloped Union Market or the ever-expanding nightlife scene on H Street and you'll see: Washington businesses want that sweet gentrifier money. And who can blame them—apparently mostly rich, mostly white people have a lot of cash to spend.
But there has to be a better way to get paid than this [...]

Waterfront Man Considers Paying Gentrifier Protection Money

Property crime is a fact of life in Washington, especially in neighborhoods with changing demographics. But it might not have to be. After one Southwest Waterfront resident's car was broken into Sunday night, he decided to rollerblade on a nearby basketball court, which lead to an idea.
He was concerned that area children would rob him [...]

Childless D.C. Hipsters Are Scornful of Everyone Else, Complains Gadfly

The Thanksgiving holiday's only been over for a day, but maybe you're missing your crankier relatives already. If so, you'll love today's installment of top Washington grumpsletter themail.
Newsletter proprietor Gary Imhoff's ostensible jumping-off point is a Post story about increased visitor parking restrictions in Ward 1, which do sound like they'll be annoying. But he [...]

Looking Like a Gentrifier Gets Man Driven Out of U Street

Most of the talk about being getting pushed out of the U Street area focuses on longtime residents who can no longer afford the area. But according to music writer John Murph, gentrifiers—or at least people who look like them—can be pushed out too.
Writing on the Root D.C. today, Murph says that he never thought [...]

“It’s Been Invaded”: Newcomers and Native Washingtonians Clash at Gentrification Panel

This was not the Prince of Petworth's crowd. An hour into the "Humanitini" gentrification panel at U Street's Tabaq Bistro Thursday night, blogger Dan Silverman was having trouble even being accepted as a resident of his own neighborhood. “It's not your Petworth, Dan,” said one woman. “It's mine.”
Silverman corrected her: "It's really our Petworth."
The rest [...]

Swagger-Jacking Critic to Talk Gentrification at Thursday Panel

If you were disappointed that the man who brought the phrase "swagger-jacking" to talk of D.C. development skipped the Busboys & Poets discussion of the issue, then you're in luck.
Stephen A. Crockett Jr., who coined the term last month to describe U Street NW hang-outs like Busboys appropriating black culture, will talk gentrification Thursday at a [...]

Are U Street NW Restaurants “Swagger-Jacking?” Maybe, but Our Conversation Needs to Go Deeper

Are establishments like The Brixton and Busboys & Poets guilty of "swagger-jacking?" That's what Stephen A. Crockett Jr. accuses them of today on The Root D.C.—and along the way connects their allegedly pilfered vibes to broader changes in the District:
It’s an inappropriate tradition of sorts that has rent increasing, black folks moving further out — sometimes [...]

White People Flocking to Shaw, Nearby Neighborhoods

If you're looking for white people, you should head to the D.C. ZIP code that includes Shaw, Bloomingdale, and LeDroit Park. It leads the city in new white residents from 2000 and 2010, according to a list of the nation's 25 fastest-whitening ZIP codes, via Mike DeBonis.
Non-Hispanic white people represented 5.6 of residents in the 20001 ZIP [...]

The Needle: Hot Again Edition

SmarTrip Getting Smarter: Some day soon, paper farecards may be a thing of the past. That's because Metro is planning to unveil new SmarTrip cards that cost less than the $5 the current cards run you—which, coupled with a $1 surcharge for paper cards that kicks in in July, means even tourists may well just [...]

Ward 5 Voter: Buildings Without Kids Are Racist!

The Ward 5 special election, in Tim Craig's telling in this morning's Post, is turning into the same thing virtually every recent D.C. election has become: a referendum on the city's changing demographics. And I'm sympathetic to most of the concerns longtime residents raise in Craig's story: development only arrives when wealthy, white residents do, [...]

New Study: Fewer Kids Were Living In Poverty Three Years Ago

There's been some touting of a recent Annie E. Casey Foundation report that the number of children in D.C. living in concentrated poverty—neighborhoods where 30 percent of residents live below the poverty line—has decreased to 33,000. The Examiner notes: "The number is an 11 percent drop from the 37,000 children counted in 2000, while the national [...]