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Our Muggy Morning Roundup: Cooler Breezes Ahead

Wakey Bakey! I say that both in morning greeting and in reference to today's WaPo report that "Washingtonians' fondness for weed is among the strongest in the country — and growing." D.C. Council will vote today on legalizing medical marijuana. Many herbal aficionados interviewed for the article support the bill as a "steppingstone toward broader legalization," although Capitol Hemp [...]

The Friday Limerick Review

Gay marriage: Repubs want to scratch it
Amendment: They tried to attach it
The "big fucking deal"
Rejected their zeal
Since Dems had the votes to dispatch it
I'm hearing the soundbite already
Enrollment in schools is quite steady
The first time in years
They've calmed parents' fears
(Or private school fees are too heady?)
Some places can now safely boast
That citizens like them the [...]

The Friday Limerick Review

An end to that timeless charade?
(Where Fenty's a jerk through his aide)
Did all of that dough
Make Fenty bestow
The tickets 'fore game one is played?
This week was a sign of our times
And needs something more than mere rhymes
So check out these shots
Of folks tying knots
Imagine those wedding bell chimes...
If I played it cool, I'd be lying
I'm [...]

Photos: First Day for Gay Weddings

Morning Roundup: The ‘Should Georgetown Secede?’ Edition

First, a mini roundup: Washington Post readers don't like pictures of gay men kissing ("please don’t shove this 'Gay' business in our face"; "I will be glad when your rag goes out of business. Real men marry women"; "disturbing"). Former representative Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) has some splainin' to do (it's not every day you can [...]

The Friday Limerick Review

I'm sure that it stings and it hurts
But those are the man's just deserts
Now censured and stripped
Political crypt
Or time for the guy to chase skirts?
And as for dessert with two S's
Free cupcakes for those who said yeses
Congressional stalling
(While mostly appalling)
Has rarely produced such successes!
Smithsonian folks, so astute
Said thanks-but-no-thanks on the suit
The press release brevity
Made for [...]

“We’re Just, Like, in Love”: Newlyweds and Protesters at Superior Court

On Wednesday, City Desk lined up outside Superior Court to observe the celebrations—and protests—attending D.C.'s legalization of gay marriage.
We spoke with some newlyweds, including two women who didn't know gay marriage hadn't been legal in the District until yesterday morning.
Later, protesters turned on each other when Pastor Rob Schenck was shouted down by a man [...]

Photos: Gay Marriage Day, the Paperwork Edition

Photos: Gay Marriage Day

District Limerick: It’s (Almost) Gay Marriage Day!

Tomorrow: a righting of wrong
(Despite this attempt to prolong)
Three days 'til your vow
But licenses now!
The court is expecting a throng
For all of you folks getting hitched
Your tents, are they already pitched?
Room 4-4-8-5
Will soon come alive
When laws in the District are switched

Catania To Hand Out Cupcakes To Gay Couples Registering To Marry

At-Large D.C. Councilmember David Catania has announced via press release(!) that he will be handing out free cupcakes to gay couples registering for marriage licenses tomorrow morning at D.C. Superior Court. According to the release:
"Beginning at 8:30 a.m., the first 200 couples will receive a box including Hello Cupcake’s signature chocolate and vanilla flavors, offering [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Did Barry’s Nonprofits Help You?

Some of City Desk's loyal readers have protested in the comments that we've been writing and reporting too much on the Barry scandal. Yesterday alone, we produced a strong post on ANC Commissioners' reactions to the Bennett Report, interviewed local jewelry merchants on just how Barry could call giving jewelry a "loan," and the news [...]

Gay Couples: Prepare to Get Hitched!

Earlier today, the D.C. Court of Appeals declined to stay the impending legalization of same-sex marriages in Washington.
In a terse opinion [PDF] today, the appeals court refused to overturn a Superior Court judge's decision not to postpone the District's same-sex marriage from going into effect. Which means, barring some unlikely congressional intervention, come next Wednesday, [...]

What Were The District’s Biggest Civil Rights Victories?

Since pretty much everyone has the day off except journalists, the downtime has been enormous.  I got lunch (a first in a long time). I paid off a cellphone bill and changed my cellphone plan. I even faxed some healthcare paperwork to a lab that was a week late. And I talked for a good [...]

District Limerick: Dr. Ruth to the Rescue

Though romance does not spring to mind
(as wonky, D.C. is maligned)
This small Aphrodite
Brings tourism mighty
To shake up the capital grind
D.C. seems a wee bit conflicted
On sex lives, and how they're restricted
Soon Bob can wed Larry
But condoms they carry
Could very well get 'em convicted