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“It’s an Abomination”: 11-Year-Old Westboro Baptist Protests Gay Marriage in D.C.

Where there is a chance to be offensive about gay people, the Westboro Baptist Church is there. The legalization of gay marriage in the District Wednesday was no different, with church members holding "God Hates Fags" signs and singing feces-themed variations on "This Little Light of Mine."
City Desk talked to 11-year old church member Noah [...]

Photo: Wednesday, the Sidewalk

Photos: Gay Marriage Day, the Paperwork Edition

Photos: Gay Marriage Day

Morning Roundup: The ‘They Can’t Take My Dignity’ Edition

Morning, all!
Big news of yesterday: Marion Barry was censured.
Big news of today: Marion Barry was censured yesterday.
Big news of tomorrow: Marion Barry was censured earlier this week.
And not only censured. The D.C. Council also voted to strip him of his committee chairmanship and refer the findings of the Bennett Report to a criminal prosecutor. Can [...]