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Behold Harry Thomas Jr.’s Nuanced Position on Same-Sex Marriage Legislation

Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. has been walking a mighty fine line the past couple of weeks.
When you're representing a ward that contains both quickly gentrifying (and gayifying) areas like Bloomingdale, Eckington, and Brookland, in addition to the generally conservative Bungalow Belt and many of the city's most politically active churches, same-sex marriage would [...]

Congressmen Seek to Prevent Gay Marriage in D.C.

Two congressmen today announced that they will seek to prevent the District from recognizing or performing same-sex marriages.
Introducing the bill are Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio, pictured top) and Rep. Dan Boren (D-Okla., bottom). It's important to note that the legislation would define marriage in the District as between a man and a woman. It is [...]

Norton: I Can Protect Same-Sex Marriage Bill

So the D.C. Council has voted to (kinda-sorta) allow same-sex marriage. What now?
Assuming the bill becomes law, plenty of observers see two fronts of possible conflict. First is that the law will set off a frenzy of congressional intervention. To wit, American Prospect's Ezra Klein.
Nope, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton says to LL this afternoon: "I [...]

Same-Sex Marriage Bill in April?

Washington Blade's Lou Chibbaro Jr. is reporting this afternoon on an e-mail circulated among pro-gay clergy that claims At-Large Councilmember David A. Catania has committed to introducing a gay marriage bill at the April 7 council meeting.
A Catania aide says in the Blade story that no date is certain, but LL can say with certainty [...]

Catania Kicks Off Whitman-Walker Inquiry

Right now, At-Large Councilmember David A. Catania is nearly an hour into a roundtable he's holding on the operations of Whitman-Walker Clinic, the Logan Circle health center that's historically treated the city's gay and lesbian community and victims of HIV/AIDS. The inquiry follows the clinic's decision in December to lay off 26 employees and cut [...]

Obama Coming Out of the Closet

To make up for the boo-hiss the Prez-Elect's getting from the GLBT community, organizers of the star-packed Lincoln Memorial concert on Sunday signed up the Rev. Gay himself, V. Gene Robinson, Episcopalians' openly man-loving bishop. AND he promises not to go all Christian on the invocation. But that's not all. The Gay Men's Chorus of [...]