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Watergate Exxon Prices No Longer at Iconic Levels

When the famously expensive Watergate Exxon gas station closed for renovations and an operator switch last year, the fate of the station's prices was unclear. Always hovering high above prices elsewhere in the city—and even in the neighborhood—the Exxon's prices were a favorite of TV news crews looking to illustrate a story about rising gasoline [...]

The Needle: ¡Visca el Barça! Edition

Mes Que Un Irritating Bureaucracy: It's not just Capital Bikeshare, pedicabs, and dancers who have a tough time enjoying themselves on the Mall. European soccer champions FC Barcelona, in town to play an exhibition match against Manchester United at FedEx Field tomorrow night, were ordered not to do an informal training session yesterday while wandering [...]

Joe Mamo: The New John D. Rockefeller?

The robber barons are back!
Or at least, the specter of them was back this morning, as a group of ExxonMobil station operators, led by their lobbyist Bruce Bereano, called on city officials today to free them—and District drivers—from gas mogul Joe Mamo, whom the operators and their lobbyist accused of price gouging.
“You have absolutely no competition [...]

Neighborhood News Roundup: Protect That Gas Cap Edition

A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.
Hine Times: The Eastern Market Metro Community Association has deigned several elements critical to the redevelopment of Hine Elementary School, as Stanton-EastBanc seeks the approval of the Historic Preservation Review Board. The five priorities of the neighborhood are: "1) [...]

Postcards From Home: Film and Paper Archive

Service Station, 1996