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Cheap Seats Daily: Will Fanimosity Rear Its Covered Head at FedExField This Weekend?

Has Dan Snyder figured out how to hold events at FedExField?
Well, special correspondent J.P. Szymkowicz says that while he can't vouch for everybody, his U2 experience was uneventful, other than the show itself.
Szymkowicz says he left DC via Metro at 3 p.m. yesterday and arrived at the Morgan Boulevard station quickly and without any problems. [...]

Gary Williams Recruits! We Now Have Proof That We Have Proof!

The Washington Post yesterday posted a transcript of reporter Eric Prisbell's interview with Gary Williams.
It's a fabulous conversation, and both Prisbell and Williams seem at the top of their games.
Williams comes off better here than he did in the Post's three-part, more-words-than-Chandra-Levy-got series on the Maryland coach and his recruiting tools.
Here, he's defiant throughout and [...]

Gary Williams Is Hotttttt!

I wrote this week that Gary Williams doesn't recruit real good. (That's allegedly him in red on a recent recruiting trip to DeMatha in the fuzzy photo.)
The Washington Post ran a story today on the front of the sports section that says Gary Williams doesn't recruit real good.