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Balls! Storm Takes the “A” Off USA Today Building

Hurricane Sandy's rampage continues, claiming as its latest victim an "A" in "USA" on the USA TODAY sign on Gannett's McLean, Va., building.
USA TODAY reporter Natalie DiBlasio tweeted a picture of the fallen sign, speculating whether the paper should change its name to "US TODAY or USA TODY?"
A USA TODAY rep confirms via email that [...]

The Needle: Beltway Sex Doesn’t Pay Edition

Unsafe At Any Speed: The Post has been covering Twitter reaction to the story of the Beltway driver who allegedly hit a taxi while having having drunken sex and cruising along at 85 mph since the trial got underway. So it was probably inevitable that the defendant would wind up tweeting, too. But that defendant, Salem [...]

Radley Balko Comments on CNN’s Unattributed Use of His Reporting

Late last month, WaPo's Ian Shapira accused Gawker of ripping off his story about a pricey consultant: "Gawker's version of my story, headlined " 'Generational Consultant' Holds America's Fakest Job," begins by telling its readers to "Meet Anne Loehr" — with a link to my story but no direct mention of The Post."
The fallout that [...]