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Place Your Bets on Maryland Gambling

Here we are, a few hours into the 2012 election fracas, and—as of this post—the fate of Maryland's Gaming Expansion Referendum looks to be coming down to a coin flip. (Prince George's and Montgomery Counties are doing their part, favoring the measure at nearly a 60 percent clip.) So let's have some fun, shall we? [...]

The Needle: Ante Up Edition

Try Your Hand: It's official: The D.C. Lottery is now legally able to administer "games of skill and games of chance." Conceivably, this will generate some revenue for the city, and it's pretty cool that the District is the first American jurisdiction where Internet gambling is kosher. But it doesn't seem like anyone has a [...]

Morning Roundup: The ‘How Ruined Is Your Bracket?’ Edition

Good morning, Friday lovers. It's amazing how, if you just keep working for four straight days starting Monday, the fifth one that comes around is Friday. Every single week!
Just so you know, there will be no references to Alex Chilton in this Morning Roundup (except for an indirect one at the end).
There will, however, be [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: It’s 9/11! Did You Pay $23.99 Plus Shipping for Dan Snyder’s Commemorative Hat?

Great Moments in Capitalism™, Special 9/11 Edition
On this date in 2005: Get your Tragedy Hats!
None of the Redskins marketing endeavors under Dan Snyder dropped the jaw faster than the "Redskins Flag Hat" that went on sale on the team's web site and at FedExField at the beginning of the 2005 season.
For $23.99 plus shipping where [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Dan Snyder’s Sneaky Parking Charge Nets Him Millions?

For the Titanic platform (or maybe not!) of the latest City Paper, I wrote about Dan Snyder's newest parking scheme.
Snyder now adds a parking surcharge to the cost of every ticket sold at non-football events at FedExField. All other venues around town put parking charges, if there are any, in the advertised price of the [...]

The Redskins Anti-Curse™ Holding Strong

As predicted in this space last week, the Cardinals and Eagles benefitted from the Anti-Curse of the Redskins.
Turns out that since Dan Snyder started calling the shots around here, letting the Redskins beat you has become a surer way to get your hands on a Lombardi Trophy than having Tom Brady as your quarterback.
Snyder [...]