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Police Investigate NoVa Gallon Smashing

Gallon-smashing, the sticky trend popularized by Vienna teens, is a worldwide sensation. Would-be smashers as far away as New Jersey are being charged with gallon-smashing related crimes, and grocery stores are taking precautions to discourage more of it. Even the French love breaking milk jugs. But now the prank has caught the attention of police [...]

NoVa Gallon-Smashers “Kind of” Sorry for Prank

Fresh off terrorizing Vienna, Va., with their "gallon-smashing" ways, Omar, Zayd and Faysal Khatib are repentant...sort of.
In an appearance on TV show RightThisMinute, the three pranksters were asked whether they felt bad about flopping all over local grocery stores. “We kind of do, now," said Omar. "But I mean, it was just an innocent prank."

NoVa Terrorized by “Gallon-Smashing” Teens

If you enjoyed tracking the "Harlem Shake" meme, but worried it didn't have enough potential to provoke personal injury lawsuits, well, you're in luck:  Now comes "gallon-smashing," as practiced by three Vienna, Va., teens.
The rules of gallon-smashing are simple: Go to a grocery store, get one or ideally two gallon bottles of milk or juice, then [...]