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The Needle: Muth Fit to Stand Trial

Trial to Go On: Albrecht Muth, the self-proclaimed Iraqi general accused of murdering his wife, Georgetown socialite Viola Drath, is mentally fit to stand trial, according to doctors. It was touch-and-go there for a minute, since in addition to the whole Iraqi thing, Muth claims to speak to the Archangel Gabriel. 0 [...]

Gallaudet Gets A New Logo

From my inbox:
The symbolic design of the logo represents the university's bilingual mission by portraying "Gallaudet University" in American Sign Language (ASL) as well as in English, the two languages contained in the mission. The ASL component is demonstrated by the two arches meeting at a point. The design represents the movement of the sign [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: UDC’s Gym, the Finest Place in Town to Take a Dump?

This week for the suddenly revitalized and again adored print version of Washington City Paper, I, um, repurposed a piece about the UDC basketball team having to finish up the season with five players, and sometimes fewer.
For the newspaper, my story is headlined "Four on the Floor." Go pick up a copy! Patronize the advertisers [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: A Win That Sounds Like a Loss?

Best story of the Rams game: Dim WitsGate!
Robert Henson is in a bad place right now. The Skins sub-benchwarmer used Twitter to go after home fans for booing at the game, and cast the disgruntled masses in the stands as "dim wits" and folks who "work 9 to 5 at mcdonalds."
Henson, who wasn't even on [...]

Worth Checking Out: The Snow Queen

As some of you probably noticed yesterday, City List drops the ball every once in a while. Call it a sin of omission or too few hands on deck, we simply don't get into the section everything that we should. And it just so happens that City List missed a really important event for two [...]