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D.C. Council Treats DDOT Confirmation Hearing Like ANC Meeting

The confirmation hearing for Terry Bellamy's appointment to permanent director of the District Department of Transportation was less an examination of his skills, abilities, and progress than an airing of parochial grievances by members of the D.C. Council.
Today's four-hour hearing on Bellamy, currently DDOT's interim director, saw valuable input from testimonials by D.C. residents. But [...]

DDOT Officials Hit the Road

Former District Department of Transportation boss Gabe Klein just moved to Chicago this week, and already, two high-ranking DDOT officials are leaving the agency.
Leah Treat, deputy director for resource management, and Karina Ricks, associate director for the policy, planning, and sustainability administration, will both be resigning soon.
WAMU'S David Schultz broke the news on Twitter; DDOT officials [...]

The Needle: Spring Fund Drive Edition

Video Killed the Radio Star: The bad news continues for National Public Radio, as another hidden-camera tape by right-wing provocateur James O'Keefe shows executives were aware of the phony gift O'Keefe's stunt was pretending to pass along to the network. With the federal budget what it is (which is to say, bad, if not quite [...]

The Needle: Congress Strikes Back Edition

Who Needs a Vote?: The Tea Party's rallying cry all of last year was, "No taxation without representation!" So it's somewhat mysterious that among the first moves the Tea Party-powered Republican House did today was to strip D.C. of the mostly symbolic representation we get for our tax dollars, voting down a resolution by Del. [...]

The Needle: Ho, Ho, Ho Edition

Baltimore United?: Has there ever been a more nefarious, underhanded state than Maryland? Our northern neighbors have embarked on a campaign to snatch D.C. United out of the District and relocate the team to Baltimore, putting out a study predicting up to $6.4 million in state and local revenues if the Maryland Stadium Authority built [...]

The Needle: Potomac Poker Edition

So Long, and Thanks for All the Bike Lanes: It was revolving door day at the Wilson Building. DDOT Director Gabe Klein, a favorite of the smart growth set, departed in the morning, along with DCRA ; by the afternoon, the big news was the appointment of Allen Lew as city administrator and Gerri Mason [...]

District Limerick: Barnes Dance Edition

Dear drivers, this rhyme is your warning
Don't waste your time angrily horn-ing
What sounds like a hoedown
Shan't end in a mow-down
Tomorrow at ten in the morning
The latest of schemes from Gabe Klein
Endeavors a safe redesign
While drivers' thumbs twiddle
You cross in the middle
Diagonally? Yeah, that's fine (!!)

Our Morning Roundup: Free Ride Edition

Taking the trolley around town could cost you as little as nothing. Maybe.
"It is certainly possible that in certain areas of the city it would be free," District Department of Transportation Director Gabe Klein tells WTOP.
City officials yesterday unveiled a 66-foot-long, 168-seat Czech-designed prototype of the streetcars planned to one day shuttle Washingtonians to and fro. (Our own [...]

Morning Roundup: Suck It, Chris Matthews Edition

CHRIS MATTHEWS PLAYED HARDBALL last night with the District, pounding Fenty like back-to-back snowstorms. D.C., said Matthews, has "the weather of Buffalo with the snowplowing capability of Miami." LL dispatched Matthews nicely last night; for a more nuanced take check out yesterday's Kojo NnamdeNnamdi, on which I heard DDOT head Gabe Klein remind people that [...]

Could Be Tuesday Before City Fully Recovers, Says Fenty

It could be Tuesday before the city is "up on all cylinders," Mayor Adrian M. Fenty said this morning.
The statement is a step back from Hizzoner's aggressive talk over the weekend, about having the city "open for business" by Monday after 26 inches of snowfall. The District government completely closed today for weather reason for [...]

Fenty Names Four New Agency Heads

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty today named a bunch of new executive honchos to new jobs. He's tapped Gabe Klein to head up DDOT; Lee A. Smith III to take over the Department of Small and Local Business Development; Bridget Davis to take over his policy and lobbying shop; and Tracy Sandler to replace Davis at [...]

On the Fly Ready to Swarm

Gabe Klein, co-founder of On the Fly, says his company ain't waitin' around to see if the D.C. Council loosens the vise-like regulations that have been choking street vendors. He's waited long enough to see if the city's climate will change for the better for mobile food vendors, so he's moving ahead with plans to [...]