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The Friday Limerick Review

By PETA, our city was crowned
The best place for veggies around
Falafel's delish
But sometimes I wish
That something more bold could be found
Of hope, it seems we have a glimmer
The District weighs in a bit slimmer
So go for it, fatties
Eat bacon-topped patties
But broccoli might keep you trimmer
For ages the District has waited
And these dudes may soon be [...]

Protest Over Budget Cuts To Be Held This Morning

At 11:30 a.m., the Fair Budget Coalition and Save Our Safety Net-DC will be holding a rally at the Wilson Building to protest Fenty and Co's proposed cuts to core social-service agencies. After the demonstration, both organizations have planned visits to the D.C. Council. The Fair Budget Coalition boasts a huge roster of committed members [...]

If Earmarks Were Prohibited, How Did Harry Thomas Jr. Get Them?

Last summer, D.C. Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray was faced with a crisis.
For one thing, he and city legislators were faced with a last-minute budget crunch to the tune of $660 million. They were given two weeks to find a solution. Meanwhile, the antics of Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry had exposed the sordid practice [...]

D.C. Cigarette Tax Hike Fail

Allow LL to follow up on the new city revenue projections for a second. In his letter to the mayor and D.C. Council, Chief Financial Officer Natwar M. Gandhi informed them that a $.50 per-pack cigarette tax hike implemented last October has not gone as planned.
Because the increase, to $2.50, catapulted the District's rate over [...]

City Revenues Adjusted Downward…Again

Chief Financial Officer Natwar M. Gandhi's latest city revenue estimates are in, and guess what: bad news.
For the current fiscal year, which started last Oct. 1, Gandhi is now estimating $17.7 million less in revenue. So what was a projected $223 million budget gap is now $240 million. And for the upcoming fiscal year, the [...]

What the 2010 D.C. Budget Will Probably Look Like

The D.C. Council this evening finished their discussions on closing a $666 million budget hole through October 2010. It now falls to Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray to craft a plan that works, based on what he heard in the conference room over the last three days. LL was not in the room today, for [...]

Still Livetweeting D.C. Budget Negotiations

Follow along at @mikedebonis.

Bob Barr Lauds Demise of Barr Amendment

Last week, the House of Representatives at long last voted to kill the Barr Amendment—a rider banning D.C.'s implementation of a medical marijuana initiative passed in 1998. It was originally sponsored by Georgia congressman Bob Barr and has been attached to the annual District budget for a decade.
LL covered the possible arrival of medical marijuana [...]

Members of Congress Line Up to Tell D.C. How to Spend Its Money

At 3 p.m. today, the House rules committee will take up the District of Columbia appropriations bill, and will decide which amendments will later be taken up on the House floor.
Amendments proposed so far include a number of social-policy riders that have been removed in subcommittee and committee actions. They also include attempts to prevent [...]

Attention Earmark-Seeking Nonprofits: Get Your Documents In Or Else!

So we're about an hour or so away from the final vote on fiscal 2010 budget legislation, which includes all sorts of free money for local nonprofits and do-gooder groups. Thing is, those groups this year had to submit extensive paperwork proving their fiscal and programmatic bona fides. Not all of them have done it.
So [...]

DCPS: Central Office Budget Cut ‘to the Bare Minimum’

Last week, on his way out of the door for a long weekend, LL threw up a post about how D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee, faced with threats from the D.C. Council to cut $27 million from her fiscal 2010 budget over an enrollment dispute, had sent letters to her principals telling them that [...]

Michelle Rhee Annoyed By Council’s School Governance Moves

Yesterday, after the D.C. Council voted to hold back on some $27 million in D.C. Public Schools funding, Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee wasted no time writing a nastygram [PDF] to Vincent C. Gray and his colleagues.
The letter laid out all the money that would have to be pulled from schools—itemized and broken down by ward. [...]

Best D.C. Council Budget Typos

LL has spent the last week poring over the budget reports submitted by the 12 D.C. Council standing committees. With hundreds of pages of text, there's bound to be a few slip-ups. Here's two of LL's favorites:
Holy Pork: From Muriel Bowser's public services and consumer affairs committee: "$500, transferred to the Department of Parks and [...]

Is Fenty Already Punishing Mary Cheh?

Wednesday evening, LL reported that Ward 3 Councilmember Mary M. Cheh was proposing to trim a nice chunk out of the mayoral Office of Policy and Legislative Affairs—a proposal since ratified by the D.C. Council's government operations committee.
And if there's anything that's become perfectly clear about Mayor Adrian M. Fenty in recent months, it's that [...]

Graham Still Looking Out for (Ward) No. 1

Screw the tanking economy: Der Schweinmeister is back.
On Tuesday, Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham pre-emptively told reporters that he'll be directing a grant or two in his pending committee report. "We do have earmarks," he said, "but we have kept them to an absolute minimum."
Absolute minimum, eh? Quite a boast for a guy whose committee [...]