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Video: Fuego/Frio says…Chandra Levy Me Alone!

Erik manages to stay vertical this week, as he calls out the Washington Diplomat for sexist fluff and the Post for their rehash of the Chandra Levy murder.
Meanwhile, FF doles out generous props to the Brookland Heartbeat, and to the Examiner for heeding some sound advice.
The glue stick is back, the stories are hot—or not!—and [...]

Video: A Heart-Stopping Edition of Fuego/Frio

This week's episode is a veritable gauntlet, as Erik takes on the Post's "Sunday Source," sexist sports editing, overly rhapsodic weather reporting, and the Washingtonian—whose wretched T.O.C. proves disastrous for Erik's central nervous system.
Oy!Trouble viewing? Try the YouTube version.