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Free Vibrators for Furloughed Government Workers

It's week two of the government shutdown, which means you're probably bored of the restaurant and bar deals for furloughed government workers that have proliferated across the District.
So here's a deal: A Michigan-based sex toy company, PriveCo, is offering free vibrators to 200 furloughed government workers everyday until the shutdown ends.
If you're interested, have at it [...]

During Shutdown, Fast Food Workers in Government Buildings Are Shit Out of Luck

While plenty of furloughed federal workers are packing bars during the shutdown, flashing government IDs to snag deals on beers and tacos, another segment of the local workforce has found itself out of a job without the hope of receiving back pay, or even the dignity of being "furloughed." For the workers who staff independently [...]

On the Shutdown’s Second Day, Sad Afternoon Drinks With Furloughed Workers

Capitol Lounge served about 140 free draft beers to federal furloughed workers Tuesday. At 3 p.m. Wednesday—an hour after the Capitol Hill bar opened for the day—five out of seven of its customers were federal workers in shorts and T-shirts sipping on free beers.
"How are you?" bartender Farrell Parker asked a woman as she walked in.
"Furloughed," [...]