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District Line Daily: The Margin Walkers

D.C.'s tiny houses are getting a divorce.

The Needle: Atomic Edition

Drop The Bomb: Some elementary schools in the D.C. region still have Cold War-era air raid sirens outside (when we were growing up in Rockville in the 1980s, the siren tests used to interrupt after-school soccer practice every now and then). Now a new report indicates that all that preparation was—surprise!—not really necessary: A nuclear [...]

The Needle: Steady Diet of Nothing Edition

Bring Out Your Books: It's finally safe to return that copy of What It Takes that you got from the library to brush up before the 2000 election. The D.C. Public Library will run an amnesty from Dec. 5 to Feb. 5, forgiving all fines for overdue, lost, or damaged books, CDs, DVDs, or other [...]

The Needle: Delayed Again Edition

Now Not Boarding: Tram enthusiasts of America got tragic news today—the H Street NE streetcars almost certainly won't launch in 2012, as originally planned, but rather late 2013. That's a second delay, after the initial launch was pushed back from next spring to next fall. Part of the problem? There aren't enough cars. Construction may [...]