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Fuego/Frio: An Epic Battle

In which Erik extols the unexpected joys of the Sunday Examiner and introduces a new fuego feature: the battle of the Spanish-language weeklies!

Fuego/Frio: Mahler, Jesse Helms, and a Drowning Baby

In which Erik disses untrenchant Obama prophecies in the New York Times Magazine and scolds the Post for botching the your/you're perplex. Family Magazine, meanwhile, sports a rather gruesome cover this week.
In other news, Erik gets a frio for gluing that Family Mag cover on the fuego side.
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Fuego/Frio: “That’s So Frio I Can See Russia From There!”

A MUST-WATCH in which Erik lampoons the Informer and the Express for their mind-numbing election stories and shows off his command of la langue française while questioning the "global view" of Regina Belle.
Hope y'all brought mittens.
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Fuego/Frio: Inadvertent Transparency at the Post

In which The Hill and Pool & Spa give Erik the shivers. The Post, on the other hand, gives us a unique glimpse into the process behind their captions.
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Fuego/Frio: Four Trillion Reasons to Love the Washington Times

In which Erik gives props to—wait for it—the Washington Times for an artful Sunday spread and muses on the relevance of topless models in Autumn. Also, near-illegible type in GayLife: WTF?!
Beefcakes and more, below the jump.

Fuego/Frio: A Trip to the Bathroooooom

In which Erik suggests improvements for Metro Washington Home Improvement and hammers D.C. NORTH for colluding with consultants!
Check it out—a veritable bonanza, below the jump.

Fuego/Frio: Dracula’s Testicles!

In which Erik gushes over the latest issue of Bash (a new-to-the-scene alternative-comics monthly) and takes the Examiner to task for a listings misfire.
The whole shebang, including some signature comic strip exegesis, below the jump.

Fuego/Frio: Erik Wemple Talks!

In which Erik chastises the Dupont Current for its misleading real estate section and rewards the InTowner for—get this—their snappy headlines!
Quote of the week: "That's as succinct as they've been in ten years!" Scary part is, that's probably true.
Meanwhile, the good folks at Reason front a totally unreasonable headline. Erik's flip-out, and Riggs' [...]

Fuego/Frio: B’nai B’nai Love!

In which Erik praises Metro Weekly, says "mazeltov" to B'nai Mitzvah, and expresses doubt that The Downtowner is actually in its sixth volume.
Meanwhile, we're really digging the food fight over at New York Times Magazine.
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Fuego/Frio: A Conflict of Interest!

Erik throws a stone at his own glass house this week, pausing briefly to wag a finger at El Pregonero for some blatant above-the-fold fluff.
Kudos goes forth to Metro Weekly, the Washington Hispanic, and the Blade, while the New York Times is en fuego on general principle.
Watch closely, folks, to see the walls of Jericho [...]

Fuego/Frio: The Orator, the Warrior, and an Unspeakable Headline

This week, Erik rolls up his sleeves and calls foul on the In Towner (for yet another god-awful headline) and the Atlantic (for some classic hash & rehash).
This week's shocker: Erik actually enjoyed "One Ring Circus" from the Post magazine's wedding week edition. Wonder what the Sexist would say....
Meanwhile, the burning question: will the [...]

Fuego/Frio: Sex, Lies and Videotape

THIS WEEK: The Washington Times digs Democratic sex scandals; the Washington Informer misinforms; Bob Woodward writes a yawner; the Express does some textbook critter-pandering; and Erik withholds the vaunted 'fuego' designation.
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Fuego/Frio: Palin’s Whaaaaaaat?!

This week: FF's triumphant and merciless return!
Watch in awe as Erik gives the cold shoulder to the Dupont Current, the InTowner, and the Examiner. The Washington Hispanic is en fuego, naturally, while Erik himself is back on the attack...sporting a dashing new haircut.
Don't touch that remote!
[FF Bonus: Scroll down after watching to discover what [...]

Video: Fuego/Frio says…Chandra Levy Me Alone!

Erik manages to stay vertical this week, as he calls out the Washington Diplomat for sexist fluff and the Post for their rehash of the Chandra Levy murder.
Meanwhile, FF doles out generous props to the Brookland Heartbeat, and to the Examiner for heeding some sound advice.
The glue stick is back, the stories are hot—or not!—and [...]

Video: A Heart-Stopping Edition of Fuego/Frio

This week's episode is a veritable gauntlet, as Erik takes on the Post's "Sunday Source," sexist sports editing, overly rhapsodic weather reporting, and the Washingtonian—whose wretched T.O.C. proves disastrous for Erik's central nervous system.
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