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Friday Night Knights (Cont.): Friendship Collegiate v. H.D. Woodson in ‘the Real Turkey Bowl’!

Friendship Collegiate faces H.D. Woodson tonight in what's being billed as The Real Turkey Bowl.
The game has scads of story lines. The most dramatic: Woodson is the past; Friendship is the future.
Woodson is the defending public schools champion. They've got a new state of the art stadium and new state of the art school building [...]

Friday Night Knights (Cont.): Friendship Collegiate Beats Up On $34,289-a-Year Private School!

Just as we hoped they would for the purpose of continuing this blog serial, the Knights of Friendship Collegiate have quickly rebounded from their first loss of the year to ecclesiastical New Jersey football factory Bergen Catholic.
Regular readers will remember that Friendship couldn't overcome Bergen Catholic's passing game and unfair Constitutional advantage over our Knights [...]

“Friday Night Knights” (Cont.): Friendship Collegiate, Constitutionally Unable to Feel State Pride, Whupped By Jersey Boys!

Dang if "Crusader Crazy" wasn't right!
Friendship Collegiate Academy indeed entered a "world of hurt"up North over the weekend, suffering through a come-from-ahead loss on the road to Bergen Catholic.
Crusader C. instructed readers and the author of the last installment of "Friday Night Knights" that Bergen Catholic was a whole lot better than its 2-2 record, [...]

Friday Night Knights (Cont.): Friendship Collegiate Halfway to Undefeated Season!

Friendship Collegiate's done with the nail-biters. After winning their first three games on the last possession, the Knights went the suspenseless route for the second week in a row with a 26-6 rout of P.G. County's Gwynn Park Yellow Jackets.
The win leaves Friendship undefeated at 5-0, and only enhances the Knights' rep as not only [...]

Friday Night Knights (Cont.): Friendship Collegiate Routs Chicago Squad That Was Big Deal in the 1920s, Stays Unbeaten!

Friendship Collegiate strengthened its status as the Nation's Best Football Team That Uses a Storage Bin as a Locker Room by dispensing of St. Leo of Chicago on Friday, 38-17.
The game was played at Anacostia, because along with being locker-roomless, the Knights are also a Football Team Without a Football Field.
The lopsided win leaves Friendship [...]

“Friday Night Knights”(Cont.): Friendship Collegiate Strikes Blow Against the Privileged Class, Whups Prep

Georgetown Prep's a private school that has an indoor track and golf course on campus and overall athletic facilities so fabulous that professional teams rent 'em. Friendship Collegiate Academy's a public charter school with no home football field and a place where the athletes are forced to use a storage bin as a locker room.
But [...]

“Friday Night Knights” (Cont.): Friendship Collegiate Wins Another Nail-Biter!

Friendship Collegiate Academy, which I like to call The Nation's Best Team That Uses a Storage Bin as a Locker Room, once again took a large early lead then held on, beating Baltimore's Mount St. Joseph 18-13 last night in Bowie.
The game, part of some moneymaking prep gridiron extravaganza called the I-95 Classic, was Friendship's [...]