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Navy Yard Shooting Victims Mourned at Candlelight Vigil

With the Capitol building and an American flag flying at half-mast as the backdrop, a dozen or so people lit candles at Freedom Plaza Monday evening to commemorate the lives lost in the Navy Yard shooting earlier in the day.
"How immune are we becoming to these senseless mass shootings?" Eddie Weingart, the vigil's organizer and [...]

No Sleeping at Occupy Dance Party, Says Park Service

Almost a year after the Stop the Machine rally began in D.C.'s Freedom Plaza, a new protest is planned for Monday. But this time, according to the National Park Service, they better not sleep.
The protest, which is being billed as a "one year anniversary dance party," has 190 confirmed attendees on Facebook. Protesters will be [...]

Photo: Man Sleeping

Freedom Plaza, Feb. 14th.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

Photo: Man Feeding Sparrows

Freedom Plaza, Feb. 14th.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

Freedom Plaza Left Mostly Intact

The Park Service police's confrontation with the Occupy protesters at Freedom Plaza was a much more chill encounter than Saturday's clean up of McPherson Square, the Examiner reports:
At Freedom Plaza on Sunday, several dozen protesters calmly watched police go through tents from behind barriers, occasionally chanting and singing. Two pulled up lawn chairs to watch [...]

Occupy D.C. Has Already Won and Already Lost

It's official: Mayor Vince Gray wants Occupy D.C. out of McPherson Square. News broke last night that Gray had sent a letter to the National Park Service requesting that the protesters be relocated to the Freedom Plaza encampment for public-health reasons.  "The most serious of these concerns include dangerous rat infestation as well as the [...]

Photo: Man with Cat

Freedom Plaza, Jan. 12th.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

Occupy D.C. Files Lawsuit to Block Possible Eviction

While the National Park Service has said that it has no plans to evict the McPherson Square or Freedom Plaza protesters, a lawyer for one McPherson group has filed a lawsuit that would prevent the Department of the Interior from evicting the occupiers without a trial. The Examiner reports:
The Park Service has already posted warnings [...]

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Freedom Plaza.  © 2011 Matt Dunn

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Freedom Plaza. ©2011 Michael W. Hicks

From Housing Complex: Want to Hold A Revolution? Don’t Do it In Freedom Plaza.

Lydia DePillis argues against occupying Freedom Plaza. Because it sucks:
All public spaces are not created equal, as we know. And Freedom Plaza, a vast expanse of concrete inlaid with representations of the White House and the Capitol Complex, is about as livable as a barren tundra. Tents have overflowed the small grassy patches, and are resting [...]

The Needle: Tornado Watch Edition

Do Not Walk It Out: The Atlantic Cities reports that walkable cities aren't always the ones you think. Cities with hot summers, especially, tend to be not-so-good for walkability. The District scored 73, putting it on the low end of the "Somewhat Walkable" spectrum, and dangerously close to "Car Dependent." Don't tell the density hawks! [...]

Photos: Freedom Plaza

Freedom Plaza, Oct. 10th.  © 2011 Matt Dunn

Photo: Dick Gregory @ Occupy DC

Freedom Plaza, Oct. 6th.  © 2011 Matt Dunn

D.C. Doth Protest Too Much: Freedom Plaza And Occupy D.C.

Reporting on protests in D.C. is a strange affair. Back in the day, former City Paper editor Jack Shafer wouldn't let staffers cover them—for one possibly good reason: There are way too many. Even though they're easy to do, at some point it's hard to justify visiting them all. Still, that doesn't mean we aren't going to [...]