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The Fred Davis Drink-Throwing Video, Revealed

Former Pigskins player Fred Davis' trial for allegedly throwing a drink on a woman at a nightclub is almost over. But now, his purported victim's law firm has released security footage of the incident.
Our dramatis personae are Davis and Makini R. Chaka at Josephine Nightclub in 2011. As Washingtonian has reported, Chaka claims Davis threw [...]

Fred Davis Trial Witness: Ravens, Pigskins Players Partied With Alleged Madam

Former Pigskins tight end Fred Davis finally had his day in court yesterday over a 2011 nightclub altercation with an alleged "pimpette," Washingtonian reports.
Some background, for those of you who haven't been following the debate over whether Davis threw juice on some suede boots. Davis allegedly started arguing with Makini R. Chaka—a former friend and [...]

The Needle: Black Jesus

The Good News: After yesterday's win over the Vikings, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III has achieved messianic status to teammate Fred Davis. "He's black Jesus right now," Davis said in an interview. +2
Bathroom Bad News: With Georgetown's Mie N Yu abruptly closed, pour one out for its enthralling bathroom. -5

Alleged “Pimpette” Locked in Legal Battle With Redskins Tight End

Redskins tight end Fred Davis was suspended last season after failing drug tests, but now he's facing another challenge: a legal fight with a woman named Makini R. Chaka that has involved restraining orders and nightclub blacklists, Washingtonian reports.
Depending on who you believe, Chaka is a "pimpette" who provides women to celebrities or a [...]

The Needle: Let’s Get Ethical Edition

Certificate of Occupation: The big worry for the people occupying McPherson Square has been that a sudden police raid–like the ones in New York, Oakland, UC-Davis, and, oh, just about every other Occupy encampment—would clear them out. This weekend's demolition notwithstanding, they shouldn't have to worry about that: A judge has ruled that authorities need [...]