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Cheap Seats Daily: A Wistful Look Back at the Dead Balls Era™?

Another milestone along the Road to Ripken™ has been passed: Mark McGwire says he did steroids. The news knocked the "Clay Aiken Says He's Gay!" story off the front page of the We Know Already Gazette.
After spending years in a shamed self-exile, McGwire's confession came as he sniveled through an interview with Bob Costas for [...]

Nats Reveal Four-Armed Predecessors

Great art provokes. It asks questions that might make you uncomfortable. Questions such as: "What if Washington Nationals/Senators pitching legend Walter Johnson had four arms?" This question is asked, and answered, in Omri Amrany's sculpture of Johnson that was unveiled at Nationals Park this morning.
Amrany also donated extra limbs to Senators great Frank Howard, who [...]