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The Needle: The Straddle Generation

Del. Norton, still fighting the good fight.

TNR Briefly Reneges on Ban of Washington Football Team’s Name

The New Republic was among a handful of highbrow, liberal publications that banned the name of Washington's football team from their pages last year—a group that also includes Slate and Mother Jones. But sharp-eyed TNR readers may have noticed that last week's cover story—a profile of Alex Trebek, of all things—in fact featured the R-word:
Mostly, he unwinds by watching television. “Breaking Bad” [...]

The Needle: Ostrich Edition

Politics & Sold: Yes, Borders may be on its way to the brand graveyard. But if the health of the publishing industry can be measured by the fate of bookstores, the news isn't all bad; a buyer was announced today for Politics & Prose, the upper Northwest institution with its own C-SPAN camera. Former Washington [...]