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NoVa Terrorized by “Gallon-Smashing” Teens

If you enjoyed tracking the "Harlem Shake" meme, but worried it didn't have enough potential to provoke personal injury lawsuits, well, you're in luck:  Now comes "gallon-smashing," as practiced by three Vienna, Va., teens.
The rules of gallon-smashing are simple: Go to a grocery store, get one or ideally two gallon bottles of milk or juice, then [...]

Fox 5 Anchor Announces The “N*gger Inaugural”

There's a list of words that TV reporters should never say, and it must be racing through their heads whenever the camera's on. Don't say it. Don't say it.
Well, Fox 5's Holly Morris said it. In a morning broadcast yesterday on extravagant inauguration deals, Morris fell over herself and declared the Willard Hotel the spot [...]

Fox 5 Anchors Dance Gracefully to “Da Butt”

Just kidding. But this morning's video of Fox 5 anchors Allison Seymour and Tony Perkins and weatherman Tucker Barnes dancing while Experience Unlimited plays its go-go classic definitely belongs in the next oral history of the song. Keep an eye on Barnes, who starts by mimicking Perkins but develops a style all his own.
Video after [...]

The Needle: He Biked That Way! Edition

Talkin' Bout the Money: Court documents released in today's guilty plea by a former Vince Gray campaign aide (as opposed to Tuesday's guilty plea by a former Vince Gray campaign aide) indicate the winning effort accepted money from at least one "straw donor," who gave funds actually provided by someone else. Which has the potential [...]

Faces and Heels: Would a Man Take His Shoes Off for Santana Moss?

Fox-5 aired its own post-game show following the Redskins loss to Dallas.
As host Dave Feldman spoke in the bowels of Cowboys Stadium, you could see Comcast sportscaster Kelli Johnson over his shoulder interviewing Skins receiver Santana Moss down the hall. Johnson and Moss stood more or less eye to eye just outside an entrance to [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Metro Gladiators Edition

WTTG-TV brings us shocking–shocking!–video this morning of rowdy Metro riders engaged in fisticuffs and other horseplay. It's "an ongoing problem," according to the local Fox News affiliate. (Albeit a big boon to YouTube.)

Cheap Seats Daily: Who the Hell Would Buy a Redskins Scratch Ticket Now?

How over are the Redskins?
So over that on WRC, Lindsay Czarniak did her sports report Sunday night without ANY visible Skins logos on her person. (Fact.)
So over that Sonny Jurgensen didn't tussle with Jim Zorn in his postgame interview. (Fact.)
So over that starting this week, the Virginia Lottery has changed first prize for its $20 [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Monday Morning Coming Down!

Clearest sign that it's about time to crank out the Countdown to Cowher™: Jim Zorn's post-game interview with Sonny Jurgensen, heard on Dan Snyder's WTEM.
Here's the opening:
Sonny Jurgensen: You had one offensive touchdown...
Jim Zorn: Thank you.
Sonny Jurgensen: You've got to get into the end zone...
Jim Zorn: Yes.
Uh oh.
Dan Snyder and Jurgensen are cigar smoking buddies. [...]

I Saw a Metro Employee Napping. Should I Have Taken Cell Phone Video?

Yesterday I was on an Orange Line train going toward Vienna, sitting in the back of the train with my bike. Behind me, shut in the rear cockpit, I could see a Metro employee sitting behind the controls, seemingly asleep.

Fenty on Transparency!

Fox 5 has a pretty good gig on Thursday mornings, when it gets to grill Mayor Adrian M. Fenty one on one. This morning's edition is fantastic and includes a little seg on Hizzoner's reaction to our Loose Lips story on the Department of Parks and Recreation employee who claims he was fired for [...]

BCS Bowl Broadcasts Bring Out Sub-Prime Time Commercials

The season's final BCS game comes with Thursday's Florida/Oklahoma matchup.
If past is prologue, those viewing the alleged national championship game on the local Fox affiliate better be prepared for a barrage of wonderfully underproduced and low-aiming commercials for an outfit called CashPoint.
That's a Virginia financial firm that gives equity loans to car owners.
The best/worst of [...]

Twitter Is Gonna Get Us All Killed

That's according to an Army intelligence report, which says that terrorists are using the microblogging service to communicate with each another.
Fox 5 News has announced that it's working on a story about this. Via Twitter.

ISO Suited Sexy Guy

This Craigslist missed connection—which appears to be directed at Fox 5 News anchor Brian Bolter and all who work with him—was posted last night at 11:57 p.m.
Ch 5 Brian B – 40 (NW)
Brian B on air at 10,,,you are a suited sexy guy..
any1 in the office ever see him his shirt off? hairy? or [...]