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The Needle: You’re Only as Cool as Forbes Says You Are

DC Cool, in Theory: Forbes anointed D.C. the coolest city in America. Being named "cool" in an arbitrary list by a business magazine is bad enough, but the ranking also opened the flood gates to equally inane reaction pieces and a wave of faux-self-deprecating tweets. Better luck next year, D.C. -6
DC Cool, in Practice: A D.C. man asks if [...]

The Needle: 9 to 5

Make It Rain: Washington is the best city for women's salaries, according to Forbes. +5
Revisionist History: The Weekly Standard is using the Pug's Dirty Asian Summer Punch fiasco an example of political correctness gone mad. But what's so wrong with telling a bar that it can't hang up a slant-eyed Asian caricature? -3

Internet Baffled by H Street’s “Politico Hipster”

Forbes is out with a list of the country's top neighborhoods for hipsters, and Washington's H Street is number 6.
"'Politico' hipsters flock to this D.C. hood, separated from the rest of the city by the H Street Bridge," writes the magazine that is probably least equipped to judge hipness or, apparently, how bridges work. (Not [...]

If Gene Marks Were a Poor Black Kid Who Went to Ballou In 2003

Some corners of the Internet were all a-flutter over this unfortunate and offensive article from a Forbes contributor titled: "If I Were A Poor Black Kid." In it, author Gene Marks explained that although he is just a middle-class white guy, if he were poor and black, he'd take advantage of all of the tech tools [...]

Has Dan Snyder Been a Victim of Height Speech All These Years?

For the upwardly spiraling print platform of Washington City Paper, I wrote this week about Dan Snyder's height. I was inspired by a profile of the Redskins owner in the current issue of Forbes. Pick up a copy, read the column, savor the season.
It's probably the first story I've ever read in that magazine, and [...]

Forbes Writer Drives All the Way to Stooge City to Make Dan Snyder Lovable

Forbes writer Monte Burke asks in a blog post: "Why Is Dan Snyder So Reviled?"
Burke tells Redskins fans that they should love Snyder, because, you know, he just wants to win. To prove it, he quotes Snyder saying he just wants to win.
Snyder, Burke says, just needs the same amount of time and compassion fans of other teams gave [...]

The Needle: That’s a Lot of Candy Edition

Billions and Billions: Selling candy remains a pretty lucrative business. Or so we must assume from the news that John Mars and Forrest Mars, Jr. tied for 26th on this year's Forbes list of the 400 richest Americans, the highest-ranking of 14 Washington-area plutocrats billionaires to make the cut. The Mars brothers were each worth [...]

Bethesda Is No. 2 on Forbes’ Most Livable Cities List

And no, that's not a typo or a joke.

D.C. ‘Burbs: Worst Place in America for Commuters

Forbes' latest list-y edition puts the D.C. region at No. 4 for most affluent community in the country (McLean was McMansioned out by Dallas 'burb Southlake, NYC 'burb Darien, CT, and San Francisco 'burb Los Altos), but on the shittiest commute front, we're No. 1.
According to the mag, D.C. is "by far the worst part [...]

Inn at Little Washington: You Still Can’t Afford It

As if you needed any more confirmation on the subject, reports that the Inn at Little Washington is one of the priciest restaurants in the country. With meals starting at $148 (midweek) and $168 (Saturdays), the Inn rates right up there with New York's Masa and the Bay Area's The French Laundry.
Yeah, but do [...]