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Make A Fuss Over This: DeBonis on Silly, Overthought, and Highly Conceptualized Menus

If you discount decor and valet attendants, (and I'm not sure why you would but go with me here) menus are a diner's first chance to seriously analyze a restaurant and its offerings. Menus perform many more functions than a mere listing of appetizers, entrees, and desserts. They create good will, they quietly announce a [...]

Make a Fuss Over This: Banville and Montgomery on Stylin’ Food

You just knew that those food-porn pics in cookbooks and newspapers were too good to be true. Maybe you assumed that the gorgeous plates were merely the product of good lighting or a great photographer. Well, turns out there's another paid professional working to make you feel small about your own in-home cooking skills: a food [...]

Make a Fuss Over This: Samuelson on Fake Allergies

I have a friend who hates cilantro, which tastes like soap to him. We've learned to cook around his fussiness, which, believe me, is a bitch when making a good salsa. I have another friend who claims to get headaches when eating anything made with non-organic oils. I don't cook for him anymore (only joking, [...]

Our Morning Roundup

* Read our complete election coverage or re-live the day in photos.
* New York Times recaps Obama's morning after.
* Slate explains what happens now for the "gay couples who entered into legal marriages in California before the amendment passed."
- WaPo's Eugene Robinson tells us why we all lost it on Tuesday.
- In case you missed [...]

Bigger Than Obama: The City Paper Food Issue

Yeah, we know, you're still in a post-coital stupor over Obama's victory last night, and all you want to hear are sweet nothings whispered in your ear about our country's new love object/president-elect. But in a brilliant counter-intuitive editorial strategy, we at City Paper are following up the most historic election since 1876, when His [...]