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Cash-Strapped Washington Post Cuts Back on Cafeteria

The fringe benefits of being a Washington Post reporter are starting to disappear. First, citing an "urgent need to reduce costs," the paper ditched tuition reimbursement. Next up for cuts, according to a memo sent out today: the company cafeteria.
Chief Financial Officer Usha Chaudhary writes in the memo that, starting in March, the Post's cafeteria will [...]

District Line Daily: No One’s Puppet

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Happy Friday in the District, except maybe for Jim Graham and Marion Barry, who were counting [...]

Coming Soon: Mumbo Sauce Sneakers

Mumbo sauce, D.C.'s celebrated condiment, has inspired plenty of bizarre creations, with french fries, chicken wings, and even pizza being doused in the stuff. But now mumbo sauce is the muse of something that's decidedly inedible: a shoe.
Via the D.C. Sports Bog comes the news that Nike is launching basketball player Kevin Durant’s new sneaker, [...]

Hip/Trashy Chicken Trend Leaves Angry Roosters on the Loose

In the long-running debate over whether backyard chickens are leading us to the trailer park or to culinary enlightenment, score one for the trailer park. The Post reports that roosters, abandoned by aspiring poultry farmers, are roaming free in D.C.'s suburbs.
Many chicken purchasers don't expect to get roosters, which are banned in some D.C.-area jurisdictions [...]

The Needle: Cupcakes Unstoppable

Website Apocalypse Approaches: Washington City Paper's website will be down for the weekend starting at 5, but that only means weekend Tumblogging is on. Join us. +5
Twinkie Hoarding Begins: The company behind novelty snack Twinkies is shutting down. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say. This leaves room for a far more delicious candy to [...]

Conservative Site Accuses Marion Barry of Turkey-Giveaway Hypocrisy

With Thanksgiving a little more than a week away, it's time for a Washington tradition: Councilmember Marion Barry's occasionally troubled Thanksgiving turkey giveaway in Ward 8. But can Barry's free birds tell us something, somehow, about Democratic opposition to voter ID laws?
The Web operation of conservative ragebot Michelle Malkin thinks so. After Barry tweeted information [...]

Chop’t Salad Held Bloody Bandage, Lawsuit Claims

When Woodridge resident Diane Kern ordered a grilled Asian salad from the Chop't restaurant on K Street NW last June, she was planning to eat some romaine lettuce and spinach, diced with Chop't's razor-sharp mezzaluna blade. Maybe some snow peas, too. She probably didn't expect to find a bloody Band-Aid in her meal.
But that's exactly [...]

Dupont Pilates Studio Sues Negative Yelp Reviewers

After visiting Dupont Circle's Fuse Pilates, Yelp reviewers Sara W. and Brian C. would probably have given it zero stars—if they could. "The place smelled like mildew," Brian wrote, while Sara complained about the rude staff.
Fuse's owners have hit on a novel way to respond to these comments and one other negative review: They're suing. [...]

TBD Tries Softcore Porn!

Looking for a new site to help you get the juices flowing? TBD might be able to help you out (with photos and video!):
Gaitán asked me to start with a slow dribble out of my mouth. “Try to look sad,” she said. I let the corn syrup pass through my lips, and down my chin, [...]

November in Photos

Photos: From the Series: The Day After

ABC Board Lifts Georgetown Liquor Limit

Change is coming to Georgetown. Or, at least, more booze is coming.
In a ruling handed down Wednesday, D.C.'s Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board unanimously voted to amend a decades-old liquor license moratorium in Georgetown.
Since 1989, Georgetown has been notoriously stingy with its liquor licenses—at any given point, no more than 61 licenses were issued in the [...]

Will Mt. Pleasant Go To Haydee’s? Owners, NIMBYs Await ABC Ruling

Haydee Vanegas is confident that city regulators will ultimately rule in her favor. "We expect a good answer," she tells City Desk.
The co-owner of Haydee's, a Salvadorean restaurant at 3102 Mt. Pleasant Street NW, sparked a neighborhood fight earlier this year when she decided to apply for a CN-class nightclub license, a move that would [...]

Neighborhood Watch: No Voluntary Do-Overs in Georgetown

The Issue: Six Georgetown restaurants, including four along Washington Harbour, are trying to back out of their voluntary agreements with neighbors. The VAs, as they're often called in NIMBY circles, legally bind the operators to certain hours and methods of operation as a condition of their licenses to sell alcohol. Violations of these agreements tend to draw [...]

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