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Metro May Allow Food Sales, But Keep Ban on Consumption

Food coming to a station near you (maybe)!

Furloughed Families Look for Food Assistance During Shutdown

Shaunti Carroll, a 35-year-old single mother of two, was finally getting back on her feet. Things were tight, but she was able to pay her bills and had planned to move out of her mother's place on the Maryland side of Capitol Heights in the next couple of weeks.
But then the government shut down.
For the [...]

Adams Morgan Ad Slammed for Sexual Implications

A new ad promoting Adams Morgan has earned a surprising amount of scrutiny on the Internet. But the campaign—which shows a couple playing footsie under a table and reads "al fresco. al frisky. they're both on the menu in Adams Morgan"—is being criticized for several reasons.
The criticisms, in descending order of seriousness:

In a blog post [...]

American University Frat Accused of Mayonnaise Hazing

American University's Tau Kappa Epsilon frat has been accused by its own brothers of hazing, the university student papers reports. The hazing was decidedly food-centric:
Alleged practices include forcing pledges to drink alcohol and smoke marijuana; do planks, wall sits, pushups and extensive walking; drink an entire gallon of milk in one hour or [...]

Chick-fil-A Invites Mothers and Sons to Medieval Date Night in Food Court

Looking to get closer with your mother and celebrate your mutual love of feudal Europe? You're in luck. In a sweet but baffling promotion, some D.C.-area Chick-fil-A locations are hosting a "Mother-Son Date Knight" (get it?) promotion. ARL Now reports:
“During this special medieval-themed evening, moms and their sons are encouraged to spend some time [...]

D.C. Beekeepers on the Hunt for Loose Bees

With spring approaching, Washington's urban beekeepers are gearing up to hunt for more bees, and they want tips from the public.
"The general public always freaks right the heck out if they see a swarm of bees," says Toni Burnham, one of the beekeepers in the D.C. Beekeepers Alliance. The beekeepers are asking asking people who [...]

NoVa Town Too Fancy for Wawa Convenience Stores

Cult Philadelphia convenience store chain Wawa has been making inroads in the Washington area over the past year, which is good news for the chain's fans (an exhaustive take on whom can be found here). But officials in the Northern Virginia town of Herndon aren't as thrilled about the arrival of the chain's abundant hoagie [...]

Georgetown Dean & DeLuca Closed for Mice Poop By the Cheese, Live Birds

Update, 7:00 p.m.: statement from Dean & DeLuca added below.
Looks like Washington's birds and rats have turned to class war. WUSA9's Russ Ptacek reports that Georgetown's boutique Dean & DeLuca grocery store was closed yesterday after health inspectors found that, among other things, it had mice droppings right by the cheese display:
Live birds, rat droppings [...]

Georgetown Cupcake Gets Right With the Law

Looks like Georgetown Cupcake's cupcake machines won't be going up on the taxman's auction block anytime soon. The Washington Business Journal reports that the company is all paid up on its delinquent tax bill, less than 24 hours after a lien was issued on the cupcakery.
An attorney for Georgetown Cupcake blamed the $189,282.71 bill on three months [...]

Georgetown Cupcake: Tax Scofflaws?

Will the customers waiting in line outside Georgetown Cupcake soon be joined by tax agents? The Washington Business Journal reports that the District has filed a tax lien against the trendy shop for a whopping $189,282.71 in taxes, penalties, and interest. In other words, the equivalent of about 68,727 cupcakes.
According to the lien, available below, [...]

Pho 75 Has Washington’s Sassiest Website

Restaurant websites are usually terrible, with slow-loading menus and auto-playing MIDIs. But Pho 75 in Arlington takes a different approach. Rather than have a website with "information" on it, the cafeteria-style restaurant opts for a Tumblr that is mainly used to settle scores.
For example, asking about appetizer options earns a tough response (emphasis added).

Honey Bunches Of Oats: You Put Your Cocaine in There

The magic's in the mix! According to police, one group of Washington drug dealers are using a new spot for their stash: a Honey Bunches of Oats box.
Alleged cereal fans Herman Murillo and Edin Perez have both been charged with distributing cocaine. Murillo and Perez brought their cereal box to a meeting with a potential [...]

Here’s the Grocery Store Vincent Orange Helped Keep Open

Does this look like a scene from a grocery store that should be kept open? If you're At-Large Councilmember Vincent Orange—and the store is owned by one of your big campaign donors—the answer seems to be yes.
In a story first broken by Titan of Trinidad, Orange showed up at NoMa's Sam Wang Produce during a [...]

Rat-Infested Grocery Gets a Hand From Mystery Councilmember, Then From Vincent Orange

When health inspectors visited Sam Wang Produce near Gallaudet University on Dec. 21, they found a host of sanitation problems. The refrigerator floors were covered with pools of water and bits of food, and thermometers that should have been on the freezer and refrigerator were either missing or broken.
Worst of all, the building located at [...]

Cash-Strapped Washington Post Cuts Back on Cafeteria

The fringe benefits of being a Washington Post reporter are starting to disappear. First, citing an "urgent need to reduce costs," the paper ditched tuition reimbursement. Next up for cuts, according to a memo sent out today: the company cafeteria.
Chief Financial Officer Usha Chaudhary writes in the memo that, starting in March, the Post's cafeteria will [...]