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The Lone Food Truck in Franklin Square Scoffs at Today’s Snowstorm

No food truck in Franklin Square posted better sales today than the Fojol Bros. That's great news for the truck, but it would be even better if there had been some competition.
The lackluster snowstorm that shuttered the local and federal governments also scared most the food trucks away. Just after noon, when the lunch rush typically [...]

Fojol Bros., Vincent Orange: Choosing D.C.’s Next Statue

Frederick Douglass was born a slave but died as one of the world’s greatest fighters for social justice. And if a bill working its way through the Senate passes, he will soon represent D.C. in Congress's Statuary Hall. Next up would be a statue of Pierre L'Enfant, but he's already got an entire city for [...]

Fojol Bros. Apologize! Sort of!

Via their Facebook page, the owners of Fojol Bros. have put out a statement apologizing to folks who have been offended by the food truck vendors' costumes:
The fojol bros. apologize to those who have been offended. That was not, is not, and will never be our intent. Fojol is a celebration of food and community, [...]

Are the Fojol Bros. Racist?

The Fojol Bros. food truck business is, er, in a sous vide bath after the publication of an open letter accusing the Indian/Ethiopian/Thai food purveyors of being "hipster racist," presumably for the "technicolor kitsch" that includes mustaches and turbans and fake ethnic names for the operators of the trucks like "Dingo" and "Ababa Du." In it, [...]

The Needle: Sing, Sing, Sing Edition

Don't Worry, If There's a Hell Below, We're All Gonna Go: With frequent delays and crowded trains, Metro's Orange Line can bring out incivility in anyone. But a new ad in the Clarendon station is rude even accounting for its location. Written to complain about President Barack Obama's healthcare reform law, it includes the choice line, [...]

The Needle: Armed and Rich Edition

Kill the Poor: The District's strict handgun control laws, thrown out by the Supreme Court two years ago, turned out to be yet another example of the rich in America being oppressed. Nearly half the weapons registered under the new regulations are owned by residents of Georgetown, Chevy Chase, and Palisades; more than 10 percent [...]