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The Needle: Sinkholed

Fiddlesticks: Hey sinkhole, you could've been cool! We tried to roll with the big boys, but now Illinois and Florida are just laughing at us. -3
Anarchy: Staff at BlackSalt restaurant in Palisades are so sick of waiting for taxis to come and pick up patrons that they're starting their own car service. Is this a [...]

D.C. ‘Roids Mystery: Caps “Aren’t Extremely Ripped or Anything.”

A Florida couple busted for running a major steroid operation and selling to pro athletes named the Nats and the Caps as two teams that availed themselves of their services, but they didn't name names.
That leaves anyone the Washington Times has so far got on the horn to speculate. Officially, of course, there's no comment [...]

OUT: CashPoint Ads; IN: Betting the BCS Favorite and Laying the Points

Contrary to predictions made in this space recently, last night's BCS championship game telecast on Fox-5 was NOT overrun with commercials for CashPoint.
That's a locally-based financial outfit that hands out quick cash loans — with no credit check — to any sad sack who turns over a car's title and a spare key.
I missed most [...]

BCS Bowl Broadcasts Bring Out Sub-Prime Time Commercials

The season's final BCS game comes with Thursday's Florida/Oklahoma matchup.
If past is prologue, those viewing the alleged national championship game on the local Fox affiliate better be prepared for a barrage of wonderfully underproduced and low-aiming commercials for an outfit called CashPoint.
That's a Virginia financial firm that gives equity loans to car owners.
The best/worst of [...]

DCision Video 3*: McCain HQ in Crystal City

In which we speak with Mary and Pam, two McCain volunteers who predict an upset victory for the Republican ticket. Mary doesn't trust polls, while Pam thinks Virginia and Florida are going to break decisively for McCain.
An Obama victory, Pam adds, might signify that God requires "penance" from the U.S. For something.
Plus: [...]