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After Potomac Floods, Life Sprouts Anew in Its Gorge

Monday's not-so-surprising flooding on the Georgetown waterfront, among other areas of the Potomac River, is a good reminder that although we Washingtonians live in an incredibly planned and built environment, Mother Nature can still pack a punch. Seasonal flooding has been going on for eons, which has helped carve one of the region's most spectacular [...]

Photos: Watching the Creek Rise

Global Warming is Here and Getting Worse, Report Says

Heavier rainfall, more scorching hot summer days, shorter winters, and spreading dead zones in the Chesapeake Bay – these are a few of the local impacts of global warming, according to a report released today by the Obama Administration.
The gist: Global warming is already here and only going to get worse.
Among the scarier scenarios for [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Protest & Putt-Putt Edition

*IT AIN'T ALL ABOUT SOTOMAYOR: The Post fronts the news from California: a 6-1 ruling by the State Supreme Court upheld Proposition 8, citing widespread support among voters.
...the California court said voters spoke clearly, through last fall's ballot initiative known as Proposition 8, in wanting to limit marriage to a man and a woman. At [...]

Tuesday, On The Bridge

Rock Creek Trail Flooded

Rock Creek, in roughly the area shown in the following Google Maps grab, has jumped its banks and has flooded the multi-use trail. It's passable, but only on the grassy median. The Rock Creek Parkway is unaffected. The TimberForm exercise stations are all accessible. Wait times are minimal.