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We’re Not Flinty When It Comes to Ice, Either

The streets are clear, the schools are open. But guess what, all you flinty former Chicagoans and tough-skinned others? D.C.'s still whining about the weather. This time it's about the ice. On the Listservs, on the forums, in the streets, on the phone, folks want to know what's up with clearing it. Spots where the [...]

Pat Collins: Citizens React to Obama’s D.C. Snow Jab

As Loose Lips pointed out earlier, President Obama's jab at D.C. over school closings inspired a veritable roundup of press commentary. Our own web servers groaned under the load of a 1000-2000% increase in snow-related blog comments (compared to our seasonal average).
In the video after the jump, NBC's Pat Collins heads to the one street [...]

On a Snow Day, Obama Disses D.C., Recommends “Flinty Chicago Toughness”

After Sidwell Friends canceled school yesterday, President Barack Obama had some harsh words for D.C.
"Can I make a comment that is unrelated to the economy very quickly?" Obama asked at a morning economic briefing. "It has to do with Washington. My children's school was canceled today. [...]