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D.C. Police Seek Five Guys Hamburglar

A suspect "rummaged through the establishment, cooked food, and stole bottled water," according to MPD.

The Needle: Back In Time Edition

'HFS, Back On The Air: Nostalgia cycles move ever faster these days, so it's no surprise that we're currently living through a full-blown '90s revival period. (If only the economy would follow suit.) Which means the news that WHFS is returning to over-the-air broadcast was probably inevitable. It'll be on 97.5 FM out of Baltimore, [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Anti-American, Anti-Bobblehead-Freak Rules Restored for Van Pelt Night!

In case you missed it: Jeopardy genius Ken Jennings puts "Dead Balls Era" in print! Man, we're he's clever!
The Redskins cut free agent receiver Jaison Williams yesterday, reducing their supply of Guys Named Williams to a mere four — Eddie, Edwin, Mike and Roydell — and stealing from me the option of filling many more [...]

City Paper: Still Good for Something, Like Free Burgers

So the City Paper may be part of a bankrupt chain and we may be guilty of a bankrupt form of alternative journalism, but we can still sell burgers, dammit!
The "Free Burger Day" coupon in this week's issue has generated a long line of freeloaders today looking to cash in at Z-Burger, the Tenleytown joint [...]