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“Valentine’s Massacre” at Post Cuts at Least 40 Jobs

After cutting tuition reimbursement benefits and its cafeteria, the financially-troubled Washington Post has started cutting people in what looks to be the first layoffs of 2013.
Fishbowl D.C., which first reported yesterday's layoffs, has pegged the number of employees cut at 54. Politico says at least 40 people were let go. Either way, it's a lot. [...]

The FishbowlDC Lawsuit Is a Work of Art

FishbowlDC editor Betsy Rothstein has many feuds, but perhaps her most inexplicable has been against publicist Wendy Gordon. Starting in 2011, Rothstein and Fishbowl blogger Peter Ogburn started "Wendy Wednesday," running pictures of Gordon with snarky comments.
Wendy Wednesdays got pretty ugly, with Fishbowl depicting Gordon as a sex-starved lush lurking around the Washington party circuit. The origins [...]

What Is With This Use of English on FishbowlDC?

I would not pay an extra price .25 for writing like this!