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Photo: Fire at 1875 Connecticut Avenue NW

Aug. 12. © 2010 Matt Dunn

Another Blaze Scorches Joe Englert’s Boozy Empire

Popular H Street NE hangout The Argonaut is closed following an apparent kitchen fire on Sunday morning. Photos of the extensive damage have been posted on the place's own web site, which also dishes up some details on the Argo's post-blaze hangover:  
Most of you may not know this, but our kitchen used to be an alley. Which means that [...]

Workers Caught in Georgetown Blaze Suffer Minor Injuries

D.C. Fire and EMS spokesperson Pete Piringer says that two Georgetown University maintenance workers caught in campus blaze on Thursday morning  aren't as badly injured as previously thought.
The two workers were removing carpet and glue from a floor in a building called New North, using lacquer thinner. Moments later, they plugged in a floor stripping [...]

Major Fire at Eastern High School

Smoke billowed this afternoon from the roof of Eastern Senior High School, which is nearing the end of a $76 million renovation.
According to D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services, firefighters responded to reports of heavy black smoke coming from the building's roof shortly before 4:30 p.m. By 4:45, a second alarm had been [...]

City Paper Building Not on Fire

But we did have to wait outside for 10 minutes while things got checked out.

Not Breaking: Councilmember Wells Suspects Eastern Market Fire Was Arson

Two years after the fact, Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells has gone on the record suspecting that the Eastern Market fire was arson. Wells tells the Voice of the Hill:
"'I have a tremendous amount of suspicion that it was arson,' Wells told the Voice immediately after the market reopened Friday."
Eastern Market re-opened today with the [...]

Postcards From Home: Film and Paper Archive

Fire, 1980's

Postcards From Home: Film and Paper Archive

Smoke, 1989

Harvard Hall Residents: Fire Alarms Didn’t Work

After 2 a.m. this morning, firefighters responded to a fire in the seven-story Harvard Hall apartments in Adams Morgan. The fire was reportedly contained to a single unit, in which a woman was badly burned.
While the fire's effects were thankfully contained, other Harvard Hall residents are raising questions about the building's safety. Several residents are [...]

Internet Commenters Continue to Suck

Jonathan Rees may or may not be dead, but the hate he spewed in the comment sections of various local sites is very much alive... and worse than ever. Most egregious case I've seen in awhile comes today on WTOP's item about the 2-year-old triplets in critical condition after a horrendous MoCo fire. The Post's [...]

Photos: Deadly Fire on Quebec Place, NW

This afternoon I visited 1034 Quebec Place, where a massive fire claimed a life this morning. Firemen had a four-block area on lockdown. Pepco technicians were on every corner, assessing potential damage to the grid. Baleful neighbors watched the excavation and gave the professionals a wide berth. One woman told me [...]