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Unobstructed View: Will The New Pigskins Stadium Be a Good Place to Watch Football?

The stadium will be something halfway between a translucent circus tent and a prototype building designed to make people write columns about how idiotic it is.

Pigskins Reportedly Pick Architect to Design New Stadium—But Where Will It Go?

The team has reportedly picked the firm that designed the National Building Museum maze.

Redskins Showing New Fondness for Fans?

More apparent evidence of ticket-selling desperation from the folks in Ashburn: Management appears to have actually started acknowledging that the game-day experience matters!
No, really!
Yesterday over at, the Redskins-owned message board, a poster wrote about being solicited to buy premium seats via email and snail mail.
According to the poster, the Redskins latest sales pitch includes [...]

Going to a Redskins Game Is Better When You Don’t Go to a Redskins Game

Yesterday, I went through the same big-game routine I've been using for years. It never lets me down.
I left home at 3:15 pm, drove to the Stadium-Armory Metro stop, parked and took the Orange Line train four stops to the Morgan Boulevard station, then walked a mile and some change to the Green Lot to [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Redskins Drop the Fictional 200,000-Name Waiting List, But Not Ticket Prices?

The lead sentence of yesterday's press release from the Washington Redskins, dated Jan. 13, 2010, announcing the team won't raise ticket prices: "The Redskins have announced that general admission ticket prices for the 2010 season will be unchanged, remaining at the same price for the fifth season in a row.
The lead sentence of last year's press release [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: No ‘The Kids Are Alright’ During the Super Bowl Halftime?

The king of ultimate fighting promotions, UFC, makes its local debut tonight at the Patriot Center. UFC boss Dana White says at least 7,000 tickets have already been sold for the show, which will be televised on Spike TV.
Luke Thomas calls the Fairfax card "arguably the most significant combat sports event since Tyson fought at [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Dan Snyder’s Looking for a Few Good Collections Agents?

Tis the season to adopt a greyhound. Though D.C. isn't near any dog tracks — the closest racing outposts can be found about five hours away in Wheeling, W..V. — the city is a hotbed of greyhound adoption. (My favorite adopted greyhound of all time, Craig Brownstein's Scout, is pictured here. Here's their story.)
Adoption's a [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Did Theismann Pile On Riggins Because Riggins Piled On Theismann?

Commercials running all day on Dan Snyder's sportstalk station, WTEM, are pushing the pep rally that Snyder is sponsoring tonight at Dave & Buster's in Rockville.
Listeners are urged, "Bring your best 'Beat Dallas!' sign and you can win a six pack of club seats!"
I can't wait to see how high the "Worst Owner Ever!" banner [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Why Is Dan Snyder Shrinking?

Dan Snyder came out of hiding or France or wherever he went while Rome burned to say he's sorry. Well, to say "we" are sorry.
"We feel frustration and we feel sorry for our fans," Snyder told a crowd at an event the Redskins organized. He was standing at a podium in front of a gang [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Win Over Dallas Was ‘Better Than Asbestos Litigation’?

More proof that everybody but Highlights Magazine is writing about the Redskins: Now, even the military/industrial complex is going after Dan Snyder., a website for the forces, ran a story "Redskins Owner Dan Snyder Doesn't Want You to Support the Troops in His Stadium."
The piece takes a photo of a poster taken by FedExField [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Dan Marino Says the Redskins Won’t Land Anybody Like Bill Cowher?

The Washington Nationals took out a full-page advertisement in Sunday's Washington Post.
Sure, the Nats season ended a while ago. But it makes sense that the Lerners would reach out while local sports fans are planning their sports ticket budgets and deleting Dan Snyder and Redskins.
But this Nationals ad is horrible.
After an all-glowing recap of the [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Will ‘Dumb’ and ‘Dumber’ Shirts Be Allowed at Snyder’s ‘Night of Quarterbacks’?

In case you missed it: Rocken Rollen Stewart, who showed up at televised sporting events carrying a "John 3:16" sign throughout the 1980s, had his sign removed from a Redskins game at RFK in 1984. So he sued.
And he won. But it took eight years before Stewart was told by the courts he could carry [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Snyder Overstepped Legal Authority While Suppressing Fanimosity?

When the Great Dan Steinberg ran photos of the fanimosity at FedExField during the Tampa Bay game on his blog a few weeks ago, Dan Snyder told the paper to take the shots down. And the Washington Post complied quietly, removing the photos without any explanation to readers for the disappearance.
Snyder's heavyhanded attempt at message [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Two Free Toppings From PapaJohn’s Ain’t Fulfilling?

Last night's Redskins suckage was more of the whimpering than the banging variety. I'm burned out by the dramatic badness. It's all been said. But I'll say it all again, once more before apathy really sets in.
The Redskins stink. Like, really stink. Jason Campbell  stinks. Dan Snyder stinks. Oh my, does Dan Snyder stink.
Chris Cooley [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Even Bobby Beathard Goes After Dan Snyder?

I'm hearing that yesterday ESPN jumped on the BeerInTheBathroomsGate™ bandwagon with a story of its own. I knew this was viral...
You don't need to read the Washington Post;s redesigned weather page to forecast the perfect shitstorm that is heading for Raljon on Monday evening.
The rest of the paper has all the evidence. There's no section [...]