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Post Reporter Lifts Passages from Government Executive Articles

According to an editor's note that appeared in print today

The Needle: Truck Yeah!

Trucker Nation: Truckers wanting to express their disapproval of national political leaders are planning a "Truckers Ride for the Constitution" rally later this week and will circle I-495 so no one can come in and no one can come out. -7
Sink or Swim: It's moving day for the 38 sea animals at the recently [...]

Day-Drink Believer: Where to Drown Your Sequester Sorrows

Most of the time, day-drinking in Washington is about fun: brunch, tailgating, Saturday. By getting boozy before sundown, you’ve taken a holiday from the responsibilities of the daytime. But with the sequester set to go into effect at the end of the week—barring some miraculous congressional intervention—federal employees will soon have a new, less happy [...]

Bike Subsidy For State Department Workers Begins Today

A silver lining for State Department employees whose SmartBenefits subsidy for transit just dropped: Go ride a bike and you'll get $20 a month. The Post reports:
The State Department today kicks off a plan to cut checks to employees to leave their cars at home. Workers can get up to $240 a year in the program [...]

Morning Roundup: The SmarTrip is Still Stupid Edition

Good morning, everyone. It's Tuesday! Hope your morning commute wasn't too abysmal. On a sweaty note, today's high of 97 degrees brings a 50 percent chance of thunderstorms this evening. Don't get caught in the downpour on your way to dinner—soggy food is tragic.
In case you missed it, Politico forgot Washington wasn't just the federal [...]