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Barack Obama: Just Another Fed with Free Time Looking to Help Out

President Barack Obama was volunteer number 25 for less than an hour today at Martha's Table, a D.C. nonprofit that provides services each day to about 1,100 people in poverty.
The president didn't give Martha's Table much warning of his visit, with someone from the White House calling the organization today to say Obama would be [...]

The Shutdown Will Turn Off These Six Fountains (and Dozens More)

If the federal government shuts down at 12:01 a.m.—as now seems very, very likely—many features of D.C.'s streetscape will look a little different by the time residents used to enjoying them wake up tomorrow morning. One tell-tale sign that the feds are closed for business? D.C.'s fountains, many of which are operated by the federal [...]

Music to Shut Down the Government To

If the federal government shuts down next week, either the libraries will be closed and your trash won't get picked up for a week, or all local offices will be open and your elected leaders could be facing criminal charges for spending money without an appropriation from Congress.
Either way, you'll need a soundtrack. Listen to [...]