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Indian Reporter: Post “Misbehaved” by Lifting Quotes

The brouhaha over the Washington Post's takedown last week of Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh (left) is still running hot, with the Indian opposition claiming the prime minister is using the story to silence the reporters. Here, though, we're left to wonder about the story's author, Post India bureau chief Simon Denyer, and the hefty [...]

Post Issues Whopper of a Correction on Fareed Zakaria Story

Post media reporter Paul Farhi got a bruiser of a correction today on his Monday story alleging that Time Editor-at-Large/CNN host/Post columnist Fareed Zakaria's journalistic crimes extended beyond plagiarizing from the New Yorker. In his story, Farhi alleged that Zakaria had also lifted an interview from Clyde V. Prestowitz's book Three Billion New Capitalists and planted [...]