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District Line Daily: Derecho Hero Tarnished

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The weather didn't waste any time getting autumnal, did it? On to the news:

There Are No Problems Like Falls Church Problems

House, treed

A Falls Church man can't build a treehouse without government intervention. Someone call the Tea Party:
[Mark W.] Grapin, 51, said he only wanted to give his sons the kind of hideaway he knew as kid growing up in Redondo Beach, Calif., when he and friends built a treehouse using bent nails, apple crates [...]

Missoni Madness At Target

I guess I should have known that when a fashion-forward pal tweeted early this morning that she was in line at the Arlington Boulevard Target, in Falls Church, Va., the Missoni for Target collection was a big deal.
Everything went pretty quickly, according to reports from across the country. Within eight minutes of opening, in Falls [...]

The Needle: Ante Up Edition

Try Your Hand: It's official: The D.C. Lottery is now legally able to administer "games of skill and games of chance." Conceivably, this will generate some revenue for the city, and it's pretty cool that the District is the first American jurisdiction where Internet gambling is kosher. But it doesn't seem like anyone has a [...]

Our Morning Roundup: RIP, AHOD; You Won’t Be Missed

Good morning, City Desk readers, and welcome to a slightly soggy Freedom Friday!
"All Hands on Deck," Chief Cathy L. Lanier's unconstitutional excuse for setting up roadblocks and checkpoints, is done–but not because it violated the Fourth Amendment. No, AHOD is dead because "police union officials have long decried the AHODs as essentially a publicity stunt [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Transparency In Reporting

New Columbia Heights posts the highlights from a spat on the neighborhood listserv among ANC Commissioners about paying for cellphones that became a free-for-all. Favorite listserv quote: "The commission has done nothing in the way of administrative housekeeping: mail is not picked up on a regular basis, the phone bill went unpaid until service was [...]

Did Obama Confuse Switzerland and Sweden? Don Beyer Named Ambassador to Wrong Country!

Don Beyer has been announced as the new U.S. ambassador to Switzerland.
Gotta be a mistake.
What happened to Sweden?
Beyer's a sainted figure in my native Falls Church, and I'd heard a couple months ago from townies that Beyer was in fact going to get the Ambassador to Sweden job.
That made total sense. And not just because [...]

Local Volvo Magnate for SecCommerce?

Anyone who's tooled through Ward 3 or the tony expanses of Fairfax or Montgomery Counties has seen their share of license plate frames bearing the '70s-ish Scandinavian minimalist logo of Don Beyer Volvo. ('Scuse me—"don beyer volvo.")
Looks like that could soon be "secretary don beyer volvo."

The Killing Fields of NoVa…

I wrote a column this week about the killing of Sal Culosi, shot three years ago last weekend by Fairfax County SWAT officer Deval Bullock. At the time of his death, Culosi was under investigation for sports betting.
Nobody was ever charged with any crimes in either the gambling investigation or the killing of Culosi, who [...]

Wonder How the Other Half Is Partying? They’re Not

There's not a lot about Northern Virginia now that reminds me of the way it was when I was growing up there in the '70s. It's wealthier and more refined and liberal. Democrats win every big race.
JVs is a link to the old Old Dominion, however.
Judging from the scene inside JV's, a wondrous Falls Church [...]