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Police Investigate NoVa Gallon Smashing

Gallon-smashing, the sticky trend popularized by Vienna teens, is a worldwide sensation. Would-be smashers as far away as New Jersey are being charged with gallon-smashing related crimes, and grocery stores are taking precautions to discourage more of it. Even the French love breaking milk jugs. But now the prank has caught the attention of police [...]

Fairfax Man: The World’s Second Worst Superhero

Have you heard about Florida Man, the world's worst superhero? The parody Twitter account collects headlines using the bland phrase "Florida man"—proving, once and for all, that the Sunshine State is by far America's most debauched, twisted, and flat-out weird territory.
Still, while I can't find any local headlines as awesome as "Florida Man Slapped With [...]

When Suing Over Poop Gets You Nowhere

Remember that Fairfax resident from yesterday who sued her neighbor for not picking up poop? Well, things didn't work out so well for her:
A Fairfax County jury deliberated for less than 20 minutes Tuesday before exonerating a Fairfax woman of failing to clean up after Baxter, the fluffy Westie-bichon frise mix she cares for. The verdict [...]

When It’s Time to Sue Over Poop

Considering how frequently the topic of dog poop comes up on local neighborhood listservs, perhaps it's time that District residents take a page out of the book of Fairfax's Virginia Cornell:
The Fairfax story began on a cold, dark morning in April. Kimberly Zakrzewski, 46, was out walking Baxter, a friend’s dog she often cares for.
Virginia [...]

Metro Bad News Roundup: Out-of-Pocket Payments, Bad Spelling Edition

The Metro system, once a reliable point of pride for D.C.'s boosters, has had a rough few years: Safety problems, escalator outages, and rising prices have made the subway a regular subject of local griping. At times, it can be hard to keep up with the torrent of unflattering Metro-related scoops. As a public service,Washington [...]

Photos: Korean Market

Out with the Trash, In with the Air Pollution?

Did you know that much of the city’s trash is trucked to Fairfax County, where it is incinerated and turned into electricity? According to the Department of Public Works and the “waste-to-energy” industry, it's a "win-win" scenario; the trash disappears and the country reduces its dependence on foreign oil. What could be more patriotic, especially [...]

Are D.C. Public Schools a Lost Cause?

It's high school graduation season here in the nation's capital which means two things: ridiculous crowds outside Constitution Hall all day, every day; and the publication of Education Week's graduation issue.  It's the latter that is causing greater concern because contained in the June 11 edition are the results of the magazine's ten-year analysis of [...]

Remembering And Fighting For Erin Peterson

Yesterday, an important moment came between all the memorials and tributes marking the two-year anniversary of the massacre at Virgina Tech. Two victims' families filed lawsuits in Fairfax County. The families of Julia Kathleen Pryde and Erin Nicole Peterson had opted out of the $11 million settlement and had to meet a two-year time limit [...]

The Greatest Show Goes On for the Felds, DC’s First Family of Entertainment

Ringling Bros. is in the midst of its annual run of shows in our market. The circus plays Fairfax through this weekend.
The show is yet another link to an amazing and underpublicized chain in the area's pop cultural history. It goes back to brothers Izzy and Irvin Feld, who were literally snake oil salesmen growing [...]