Fairfax Official Taunts D.C. Over Scandals

Looks like corralling Loudoun County into the Silver Line has gone to Fairfax County's head. Last week, Fairfax housing official Robert Schwaninger played the world's tiniest violin in the Post, touting his county's comparative lack of scandals:
Whereas other jurisdictions can brag about their shadow governments of wheelers and dealers, we’ve got a bunch of public-servant types [...]

District Line Daily: Fancy Theaters in MoCo

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Dark news today, Washingtonians: Montgomery County is lapping us in the comically luxurious cineplex race. [...]

The Needle: Stolen Hooters BMW Reappears

Beaming Beemer: The man who lent a strange couple his BMW at a Fairfax City Hooters last month has gotten his car back. Police found the car in Fairfax County, where it still had the laptop and engagement ring the owner had left in it. A strange story comes to a strange end.  +0
Restaurant Rating: [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Hot Hot Heat Edition

Good morning, people! Hope everyone had a wonderfully relaxing weekend, and you're not sitting somewhere in your office sunburned and wondering what happened exactly. Either way, it's almost the weekend again! The District's looking at a high of 101 degrees for today. Don't worry, it won't get there until about 3 p.m., and it'll only [...]

Our Morning Roundup: The Murder in Northern Virginia Edition

Good morning, everyone. Today's forecast calls for clear, sunny skies and a high of 90 degrees. The rest of the week looks like a cool down for the District–only a high of 82 degrees tomorrow!
In case you missed it: Potomac Gardens is the new Langston Terrace, Chucky's hanging around the District, the summer jobs program [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Virginia Back In The Black Edition

Good morning, everyone. Today’s somehow supposed to be a lovely Tuesday with intermittent possibilities of rain. Doesn’t make much sense to me. I went out and bought the Facebook Effect last night–haven’t been this excited about a read since Harry Potter. This morning's photo is in honor of Twitter–the sperm whale was failing all last [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Petrol Prophylactic Edition

Good morning, people. Today looks to be as gorgeous as yesterday. The forecast calls for rain tomorrow, so take advantage of this day–have a popsicle, run up and down some bleachers, make friends with strangers on the sidewalk.
It beats driving around the DMV–D.C., Maryland, Virginia. Who the hell came up with that acronym? Every time [...]

Morning Roundup: A Long Weekend Long On Shootings

Good morning, everyone. Today’s Tuesday, in case the long weekend confused you. And it’s June! Perhaps now, we can move on to sunny days and temperatures that make sense.
Memorial Day weekend was a mess of shootings from Baltimore to Chinatown. A teen was found shot in the head in Greenbelt, a man was found dead in his [...]

Morning Roundup: The Strangers With Candy Edition

Good morning, folks. In case you missed it, oil's still gushing into our ocean, and the trial of Joe Price, Victor Zaborsky and Dylan Ward, charged with conspiracy, obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence in connection to the August 2006 murder of Robert Wone, continues today. Between knives, interrogation videos and a $1.2 million [...]

More on Why Words Matter: The Examiner Says D.C. Suburbs Are Becoming “Ghettos”

Since it's been established here, here, and here that terminology matters, it seems worth pointing out the screaming language on the front page of the Washington Examiner yesterday: "Suburban dreams turn into ghettoes." The headline inside the paper said: "Foreclosure crisis creating suburban slums."
The story by Bill Myers and David Sherfinski began:
Two years of economic [...]

The Killing Fields of NoVa…

I wrote a column this week about the killing of Sal Culosi, shot three years ago last weekend by Fairfax County SWAT officer Deval Bullock. At the time of his death, Culosi was under investigation for sports betting.
Nobody was ever charged with any crimes in either the gambling investigation or the killing of Culosi, who [...]

Gatling Guns Are Hot? Who Knew?

For the barely current issue of City Paper, I wrote about the Georgetown Hoyas' new t-shirt shooter, called the T-Shirt Gatling Gun.
Who cares that the team is slumping? The few seconds it takes for the multi-chambered air rifle to fire a couple dozen shirts into the stratosphere are worth a trip to the Verizon Center.
Before [...]