At Spa World, Questions of “Abduction” and “Willful Refusal to Pay Wages”

The people giving you massages and fresh towels in between your bubble teas at Spa World, court records show, might not be getting paid, and some might not be able to leave.
The popular Korean spa in Centreville, Va., is the subject of a police investigation into accusations of nonpayment of wages, slave-like labor conditions, and prostitution, according [...]

The Needle: Yup, It’s Hot Edition

Under the Dome: That unpleasant feeling you got if you made the mistake of venturing outside today will continue most of this week, thanks to what forecasters call a "heat dome" that's landed on top of the Mid-Atlantic. The good news: Last year, we had more heat waves like this. The bad news: It's still [...]

The Needle: Ticked Off

Best in Pests: As you know, April is National Pest Month, which means it's time for Orkin's list of the most pest-infested cities. The District comes in fifth, with ticks as the top pest in D.C. -3
(Lion Roar): Young supporters of Council hopeful Michael Brown shot their own take on the "Harlem Shake," about two [...]

Maybe the Washington Post Should Move to the Suburbs After All

Washington Post publisher Katharine Weymouth hinted last month that her paper, which is considering putting its downtown home up for sale, might head out of D.C. This could be a ploy to get tax breaks from the D.C. government, but if it's not, where should the Post move?
As a fictional Deep Throat once urged a [...]

District Line Daily: Pigskins Curse

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Are the Pigskins—thanks to their more offensive official name—under a curse keeping them from a Super Bowl [...]

Fairfax Man: The World’s Second Worst Superhero

Have you heard about Florida Man, the world's worst superhero? The parody Twitter account collects headlines using the bland phrase "Florida man"—proving, once and for all, that the Sunshine State is by far America's most debauched, twisted, and flat-out weird territory.
Still, while I can't find any local headlines as awesome as "Florida Man Slapped With [...]

Fairfax Underground, the 4chan of Northern Virginia, Is Back

They're rude! They're crude! And they get really exercised about issues in Fairfax County! The Post has a story today on roiling web forum Fairfax Underground, and it's as good a chance as any to get reacquainted with the surprisingly virulent site.
Fairfax Underground's usual day sees posters mixing profanity and casual racism not unlike those [...]

District Line Daily: Curiosity Satisfied

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You asked, and we answered. Washington City Paper's Answers Issue hits the street today, with the [...]

The Needle: The Grades of Wrath

Fairfax Leaks: An anonymous user of Fairfax County's rowdy Fairfax Underground forum leaked more than 2,000 pages of Fairfax High School student grades. -4
Brr: The Washington region could experience unusually high winds on Saturday. -3

More Details of Machete-Chain Fight Revealed

Remember Wednesday's Fairfax County machete and chain fight, which took place in front of a burning tow truck? Remember how the Fairfax County Police Department was pretty short on details? Well, wonder no more, because we have some more information about history's greatest duel.
The alleged machete-wielding culprit in the fight is 32-year-old Woodbridge resident Reu [...]

Man With Machete Fights Man With Chain, in Front of a Burning Tow Truck

Will Fairfax County soon rival Florida for the title of our nation's weirdest place? You might think so after hearing that, yesterday, a man in the county wielding a machete (!) fought a man wielding a chain (!!), all in front of a burning tow truck (!!!).
As first reported by Lorton Patch, police were called [...]

The Needle: The Dark is Rising

Gathering Gloom: Thanks for daylight saving time and the approach of winter, the sun will start setting before 5 p.m. in D.C. on Sunday until January. -6
Crack is Wack: Perhaps taking the drug trade term of art "fish scale" literally, the owner of a Columbia Heights fish carry-out was also pushing crack out of his [...]

Area Seniors Delight, Terrify in “Monster Mash” Lip Dub

Residents at the Greenspring retirement home in Springfield in Fairfax County (or is it New D.C.?) celebrated Halloween this week with a lip dub to "Monster Mash."
It's cute, but also kind of scary. The only way I'll be able to sleep at night is by focusing on how frequently Frankenstein mugs at his intended victim—like [...]

D.C. Now a Suburb of Fairfax County: What This Means for You

With increased development in Tysons, some in Fairfax County have started declaring that Fairfax, not Washington, is the center of the region.
"Fairfax County is now the downtown," one official is quoted saying in the Washington Post. "D.C. just became our suburb."
Who knew? Fortunately, as a former resident of the county, I'm familiar with their customs [...]

Beavers Continue to Terrorize Northern Virginia

What's going on with Fairfax County's beavers? Exactly a week after a beaver bit an 83-year-old woman swimming in an Annandale lake and infected her with rabies, the industrious rodents are back, WTOP reports:
A beaver jumped out of the water at the Hidden Pond Nature Center in Springfield and onto the dock, according to the [...]