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Bob Woodward Caves, Creates a Twitter Account

What's a Twitter?

House of Horrors: GWU Edition

Massive amounts of money  just doesn't get you what they used to.
Residents at George Washington University—one of the most expensive schools in the country, with a price tag nearing $60,000—have taken to Facebook to express their "horror" stories with GW housing.
"This page was created with the intent of exposing the true state of GW campus [...]

How Google Used Mike Allen to Zing Facebook

The text ads that run every day in Politico's Playbook tend to fall into one of two categories.
There are the general "We're an honorable business!" messages, run by corporations like Microsoft ("we're committed to providing the technology people need to live and work creatively and productively"), McDonald's ("when we reduced the trans fats in our [...]

Ted Stevens is Dead and NPR Fans ‘Like’ it

Former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens, the longest-serving Republican U.S. senator, died in a plane crash in a remote part of Alaska. He was 86. NPR posted said news on their Facebook page and 32 minutes later, 113 people already "liked" the news. Come on, folks! No more respect for the dead?

Morning Roundup: Dead Animals Edition

Morning, all. It's the end of a short week, but I still feel drained. Here's to a rejuvenating weekend.
So, LeBron's going to Miami. Along with Chris Bosh. And the newly re-signed Dwayne Wade. Move over, Los Angeles, there's a new dynasty in town.
Sad news from the National Zoo: The red panda born three weeks ago–the zoo's [...]

Morning Roundup: The Ivy Leagues, Hustlers and Realism Edition

Morning everyone. Today’s Tuesday, I believe it’s cold, and there’s a chance of rain.
In case you missed it, the Hirshhorn Museum received a new art installation last night–a patch of realism. Guess nakedness was already taken.
Prom dates are always such a fuss. Should you ask him? Should you wait for him to ask you? Will [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Remembering Brian Betts

As the death of Principal Brian Betts continues to be investigated, I spent part of my night reading something unrelated to his murder. I read the Facebook tribute page that had inevitably been created to honor his memory. On that page, there is no surplus debate, no one demonizing Michelle Rhee. And there is no [...]

Woodland Murder Arrest Aided By Facebook

Yesterday, the D.C. Police Department announced that they had arrested Reginald Rogers for the shooting death of  Calvin Woodland on Jan. 27, 2010. So how did police detectives identify Rogers as the shooter? According to court records filed today, detectives got help from a few witnesses and...Facebook.

Anti-Fenty Facebook Group Gets a Post-Snowstorm Boost

Blowhard Chris Matthews didn't like Mayor Adrian M. Fenty's snow removal performance. Neither did Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.).
Nor, it turns out, did the myriad of people who have joined Charles Matiella's Facebook group, "Adrian Fenty needs to resign!!!"
Matiella, who has lived in the District since 2001 (in what neighborhood, he won't say), created the [...]

Huge Correction In Snowball Case!

Rule No. 1: When starting a political movement around a friend you think has been wrongly arrested for allegedly hitting a D.C. cop with a snowball, it's best to get her last name right.
Apparently, Maria Louis isn't Maria Louis. Her legal name is Maria Lewis. But, you see, sometimes it's not. Sometimes, she uses Louis. [...]

Woman Charged In Snowball Fight Gets Her Own Facebook Page

Maria Louis Lewis, the woman charged with assaulting a police officer with a snowball, has officially become a political least on Facebook. Free Maria! has at the moment 229 members. As one member put it on the Free Maria! wall:
"you're not a *real* political prisoner until you get a facebook group."
So true.

GW Student Goes ‘Missing,’ Creates One More Unnecessary Facebook Group

Just after midnight on Monday, GW's Hatchet reported that senior Royal Gethers had gone missing. D.C. Police and the university had launched an investigation. Gethers was out of sight for a little more than a day.
Friends told the Hatchet that Gethers wasn't the type of guy to just disappear. He was always texting, etc. When [...]

Washington Post Discovers Facebook, Again.

Good on Bsom, who today faithfully noted that page A1 of the Washington Post features yet another Facebook story. That's the 15th time Facebook has claimed this turf, by Bsom's count. He's got all the links to back it up, too.
Creative Commons photo courtesy of Jacob Botter

Morning Roundup: The Young and Restless Edition

Wednesday morning’s roundup is brought to you by the young and restless intern, who is refusing  to write about any Social-Security-sucking, ozone-depleting, spotlight-hogging baby boomers today.
While walking past a convenience store last  week, I noticed a sign that borderline panicked: “Get your vanilla cigarettes before they are banned!” The sign nearly inspired my non-smoking [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: How Long Before Dan Snyder Buys Facebook?

Via Dan Snyder's message board, ExtremeSskins: The Redskins have just broke the crust on a new Facebook page.
A random sampling of the comments, sics and all:
Mark: no one did thier job 8 hours ago
Wayne: Hall and Smoot need to learn how to wrap-up and stop ski-diving and the tackles. If they are scared to hit [...]