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District Line Daily: Busboys and Politics

A morning roundup of news, opinion, and links from Washington City Paper and around the District. Send tips and ideas to
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This week's cover story is a profile of Andy Shallal, the owner of Busboys and [...]

Ezra Klein Snags Three More Post Journalists

When Ezra Klein left the Washington Post to start a new venture at Vox Media, it seems he brought enough former Wonkbloggers with him to keep most of his prolific policy blogging crew intact.
Sarah Kliff, "a must-read on all matters related to health care and the Affordable Care Act," and Brad Plumer, an environmental and energy [...]

Coming to the Post: More Blogs, More Magazine

The Washington Post may be down at least two wunderkinds, but Executive Editor Marty Baron announced today that the paper still has ambitious plans for the future.
In his memo to staff, which was obtained by Poynter, Baron said the Post plans to increase its political reporting staff by five early this year, hire writers to [...]

District Line Daily: Crack in D.C.

A morning roundup of news, opinion, and links from Washington City Paper and around the District. Send tips and ideas to
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WAMU releases the first of its five-part series today revisiting the crack epidemic in D.C. [...]

Matt Yglesias Leaving Slate for Mystery Ezra Klein Venture

Prominent D.C. Height Act detractor (and economics writer) Matt Yglesias is leaving Slate, where he's worked for the last two years, to join Ezra Klein's new media venture, according to a Slate memo.
Klein, the soon-to-be-former Washington Post wunderkind, is ditching the paper and its Wonkblog, which he founded, to start a new project that he'll lead. The New York Times [...]

Why Ezra Klein Left the Washington Post, in One GIF

Ezra Klein is on his way out of the Washington Post, as Poynter's Andrew Beaujon reported this morning. The Post's editors referred to Klein twice as a "wunderkind" in announcing his departure. His colleague Dylan Matthews only merited one wunderkind reference in that memo, but the Post, which reportedly turned down Klein's pitch for a $10 million-plus site-within-a-site devoted to explanatory [...]

The Needle: Roommate Wanted

Chuckslist: Rep. George Miller announced his retirement from Congress today, which means there will soon be an opening in the famous politician-filled group house on Capitol Hill. House dweller Sen. Chuck Schumer put out a roomie feeler on Twitter today. +4

Who, Me?: Ezra Klein may or may not be leaving the Washington Post. That means someone [...]

Ezra Klein to Leave The Post?

Washington Post golden boy Ezra Klein is considering leaving the paper to start his own venture, Huffington Post's Michael Calderone reported this afternoon.
Klein runs the paper's highly branded Wonkblog, where he and five underbloggers write about political and policy issues, bringing in about 4 million page views per month.
Klein is still in talks with the paper about staying, [...]

It Was A Very Bad Year For Congress

Ezra Klein notes that this really is the worst Congress ever. At least going by public approval: Congress will end the year with an 11 percent approval rating
Poll respondents in Connecticut or Idaho may not number this among their reasons for maligning the legislators, but we locals have a pretty hefty new set of grievances [...]

The Needle: Movin’ Like Bernie Edition

Movin' Like Bernie: Parents today! After Maryland's Perry Hall High School soccer team did the Bernie—you know, a Weekend At Bernie's style shimmy—parents freaked out and the principal canceled the rest of the season (until protests got him to change his decision). Their reasoning? It's just too sexy. Dead sexy, in fact. Honestly, if people [...]

Morning Roundup: The ‘Happy Birthday, Marion Barry’ Edition

Good morning, good people! It's Friday!
In this space way back on Wednesday, we mentioned—OK, ranted—about O.J. Simpson's "acquittal suit," which, as part of a ridiculously stupid idea, was being offered as a donation to the Smithsonian. The Smithsonian didn't want it, because what self-respecting institution would?
The Newseum! According to the Washington Post's Reliable Source, the [...]

Our Morning Roundup: The Day After Food Day

Good morning, City Desk readers. If you missed our Food Day coverage yesterday, please give it a looksie now. There were sports. There was meat. There was heartache. Dumpster-diving, even. And other things that will alternately make you salivate and cry and dry heave. All in all, it was a comprehensive food day.
49% of Americans [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Kausfiles Runs JournoList Leak

JournoList, the top-secret liberals-only Google listserve that the America Prospect's Ezra Klein started in 2007, has made its way into the wide world, courtesy of the irreverant Mickey Kaus. The list has drawn conservative's ire since Politico reported its existence earlier this month. NRO's Mark Hemingway threw a fit and fell in it, asking "if [...]

You’re Not Actually Undecided!, a site dedicated to informing blog-illiterate swing voters, claims "ONE IN 14 AMERICANS IS STILL UNDECIDED." There's a kind of excitement to being "undecided." It makes voters feel valuable; casting a ballot will be the ultimate expression of democratic decision-making, since this cohort of voters ostensibly won't vote blindly down party lines. The media [...]