Larry Landover in Limbo?

Via DCRTV: Chris Paul, the multi-media guy responsible for Redskins radio raps and various burgundy-and-gold-obsessed characters, has without notice jumped off his most audible perch at WPGC's morning show. What this will do to the future of Larry Landover, a  puppet that Paul created in 2005 for Dan Snyder's Skins infomercials and who fans dubbed [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Draft Evades the Wiz, Nats Need the Hot Dog Gatling Gun, Skins Fans Annoy, Vick? Ficker?

In hockey, being the biggest loser one year gets you Alex Ovechkin for the next 15.
In the NBA, being the second biggest loser in the 2008-2009 season means Blake Griffin's brother Taylor might still be available when you get to pick.
The draft lottery is ridiculous!
Michael Vick's almost out.
Would He? Could He?
Will He?
The Redskins have [...]