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Ex-Redskin Phillip Daniels Trying to Rig Prep Player Poll?

Former Redskins d-lineman Phillip Daniels has built up tons of goodwill over at ExtremeSkins, the club-owned message board, by regularly posting alongside the hoi polloi both when he was with the team and even since he got cut last preseason.
Now he wants something in return.
Daniels, who now lists his hometown as Chicago, went on the [...]

Demand for Skins/Cardinals Tickets Soft as a Baby’s Behind

The value of a Redskins ticket is apparently continuing to plummet even after the team's thrashing of the New York Giants in Sunday's opener.
In a column published in early June, I observed that, "Supply is kicking demand's ass at FedExField."
The ass-kicking continues, despite the Redskins' fabulous start to the 2011 season.
At the time that [...]

The Cult of Colt: When the Messiah Departs, What Becomes of the Flock?

The end of an era: The Cult of Colt was closed last night.
The Cult of Colt was a message board thread dedicated to Colt Brennan, the way the Manson Family was a few folks who enjoyed each other's company.
True, it really was a thread on the Dan Snyder-owned fan forum, Extremeskins, but it was so [...]

I-Team Followup: Cheap Seats Daily Reader Restored to Dan Snyder’s Message Board After Heartless Purge!

This morning, members of Dan Snyder's message board, ExtremeSkins, did as they were instructed to do in this space yesterday and began asking folks who run Snyder's board why the poster going by "Horatio" had been purged from the site.
Horatio's messages were quickly restored.
Chalk that up as a win for all that's good. And a [...]

I-Team Exclusive: Censorship of Cheap Seats Daily Readers Taking Place At Dan Snyder’s Message Board!

Where art thou, "Horatio"?
Last night, I was getting my normal load of giggles from the burgundy and gold obsessives that patronize Dan Snyder's message board, Extremeskins, when I came across a reference to a City Desk item I'd posted on Monday. My post here was about the recent re-release of a decade-old PBS program called [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: There’s No Difference Between a Grownup Autograph Seeker and a Jerk?

Fabulous thread from the entertaining putzes at Dan Snyder's fan forum, What started out as yet another rant against Larry Michael, the team's play-by-play announcer, turned into message board magic.
The member known as MWCRedskins got things going by posting "Larry Michael Must Go!" a tirade against Michael, who has long been Public Enemy No. [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Should Mike Nolan Send a Tub of Rocky Road Ice Cream to Dan Snyder’s Box on Sunday?

The civil war in Redskins Nation claims another victim: The fan-organized meet-and-greets at Redskins Park before and after away games have gone underground.
For years, messages about the wheres and whens of the pep rallies/wakes were posted each week on Dan Snyder's message board,, so fans could celebrate with or lift the spirits of Skins [...]

Cheap Seats Daily Exclusive: Bogus Hogette Declares War on Real Hogettes!

Author's note: The Redskins lost. The rest of today's Cheap Seats Daily will be devoted to what is at once the bizarrest and the most pathetic episode to come out of this sorry season.
Be scared,  people: A fake Hogette is on the loose.
As if things weren't bad enough in Redskins Land, a dire APB went [...]

Bruce Smith Breaks Redskins All-Time Record for Drunk Driving Arrests?

Via Dan Snyder's message board, extremeskins:
Bruce Smith, whose 2000 signing is symbolic of everything wrong with the Washington Redskins in the Snyder Era, was convicted of DUI yesterday in Virginia Beach. Smith failed the field sobriety tests administered by police, but his lawyer had argued in court that his client walked unstably because of old [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Breaking News: Will Snyder Take On Tailgaters?

Some day, we'll look back at this as the beginning of the Blackouts Era of Redskins football.
Heading into the weekend, the entertaining putzes over at Dan Snyder's message board,, were in a tizzy like never before. Things have only gotten tizzier since.
They've uncovered a story bigger than Mike "Biggest Loser" Williams' pre-fast waistline: Dan [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Draft Evades the Wiz, Nats Need the Hot Dog Gatling Gun, Skins Fans Annoy, Vick? Ficker?

In hockey, being the biggest loser one year gets you Alex Ovechkin for the next 15.
In the NBA, being the second biggest loser in the 2008-2009 season means Blake Griffin's brother Taylor might still be available when you get to pick.
The draft lottery is ridiculous!
Michael Vick's almost out.
Would He? Could He?
Will He?
The Redskins have [...]

Extremeskins Gets Personal

We've had our share of battles with We have definitely won our share of those battles. The controversial Redskins fan site, run and monitored by Snyder's secret police, is still a decent enough gathering spot especially pre-and-post game. The fans on the site are certainly devoted to the team and express themselves in often [...]