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Examiner Hunts Fugitives on Pinterest

The Washington Examiner's crime reporters don't just stare sternly out from the top of the page in cop movie poses. They also catch criminals! In the past four years, Examiner readers' tips have led to the capture of 42 criminals.
But now, the Examiner's hoping to harness a new audience in its quest to replace John [...]

Examiner, Disowned?

Over the years, we've had as much fun as any other readers when it comes to tweaking the Washington Examiner. But, really, in hyping non-existent Big Brother schemes or publishing comically slanted screeds against bike lanes that just happened to inconvenience parking spaces near the paper's office, our local right-wing tabloid was only doing its [...]

More Money, More Problems for Occupy D.C.

Reports the Examiner:
Occupy DC has raised at least $20,000 since it arrived in the District in early October, according to the group. Protesters say major labor unions like the AFL-CIO and the Service Employees International Union are among the donors to the movement, but spokesmen for both unions denied giving any cash to Occupy.
Occupy's finance [...]

Metro Workers Get Raises, And Some Have Cars

Some good news for Metro workers today. Unionized employees are finally getting a long-negotiated 9 percent raise:
The dispute began in 2008 after Metro and the union reached an impasse on contract negotiations.
In November 2009, an arbitration board ruled on some issues for the union, but Metro appealed the decision. The case went before a federal judge, [...]

Gregory Kane’s Modest Proposal on Flash Mobs

We’re all wondering how to react to the scariest iterations of "flash mobs." On Sunday, a flash mob—an organized group that emerges and then disappears quickly, usually with the help of social media—reportedly descended on a 7-Eleven in Germantown, Md., where members allegedly stole snacks. It's a criminal activity we all want to see the end of.
One [...]

As Goes Potomac, So Goes the Nation

In parts of Montgomery County, it's easy to find residents who think—no, know—they live in the center of the world. These days, if any of them are reading the Washington Examiner, they may well find some evidence.
That's because the Examiner has now assigned two Maryland and Montgomery County reporters, Hayley Peterson and Brian Hughes, to [...]

The Needle: The Day After Edition

What Snow?: Reports filtered in this morning of commuters taking as long as 13 hours to get home from work yesterday, thanks to the snow that smacked the region just as evening rush hour got going. Which, adding insult to injury, probably meant those commuters were already late for work today by the time they [...]

Farewell, Washington City Paper

About eight years ago, not long after I started this job, I called a bunch of colleagues into my office—maybe three or four of them. We dialed up Mike Lenehan, an ace editor who doubled as part of our ownership team. We put Lenehan on speakerphone from Chicago and proceeded to discuss for quite some [...]

Shocker: Examiner Takes Swing At Woods

The front page of the Examiner rarely breaks form. There's usually a string of anti-Obama blather, a Redskins-in-turmoil blurb, and a big oversight story on WMATA.
Except today.
Today, the Examiner went all TMZ!
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Fenty Losing His Grip? Loose Lips Daily

As much local politics as humanly possible. Send your tips, releases, stories, events, etc. to And get LL Daily sent straight to your inbox every morning!
Morning all. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty: Everyone knows he's had a bad year. A slip on the firetruck thing, a stumble on the pool heater, and a general haughtiness [...]

Weekend in Review

OK, before getting into this huge news docket for the weekend, let me include a gratuitous slam on President's Day Weekend. It's a waste of taxpayer money, a disgrace in these lean times, a stupid holiday right in the middle of an ugly season, and it wreaks havoc on the Washington City Paper editorial deadlines. [...]

Obama Lends Magic To Washington City Paper

This morning, some of us volunteered to pass out our special inauguration issue at various metro stops. The issue includes a great essay on what Obama's relationship with D.C. should be, a behind-the-scenes look at some of the more obscure balls, a look at how local politicos will be making the scene on Jan. 20, [...]

Fuego/Frio: An Epic Battle

In which Erik extols the unexpected joys of the Sunday Examiner and introduces a new fuego feature: the battle of the Spanish-language weeklies!

Fuego/Frio: Dracula’s Testicles!

In which Erik gushes over the latest issue of Bash (a new-to-the-scene alternative-comics monthly) and takes the Examiner to task for a listings misfire.
The whole shebang, including some signature comic strip exegesis, below the jump.

The Examiner’s Blog-for-Pay Concept: A Cautionary Tale

Ben Westhoff, a New York freelance writer and occasional contributor to City Paper's arts pages, recently signed on with the Examiner's new blogger-generated-content model, where writers proclaim themselves experts in some discipline and get paid based on pageviews. It didn't work out so well for Westhoff, who had a brief stint as a "music examiner," [...]